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(before October 2023)



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These are only release notes published before October 2023 for releases to on-premise customers of Labfolder. Since October 2023, Labforward no longer differentiates between on-premise and cloud releases.

Labfolder Server v2.22.5

25. September 2023

Labfolder Improvements & New Features Fixes

  • [Labfolder] – The appearance of the “Share Settings” dialog has been improved. Instead of a non-specific symbol appearing next to each user’s name, the “Share Settings” dialog now reflects each user’s avatar.
  • [Labfolder] – The “Share Settings” dialog has also been improved by allowing group listings to be collapsable. This increases the ease with which users can find the groups they’d like to share their work with.
  • [Labfolder] – The “Share Settings” dialog also now produces an action notification once the settings are altered (e.g. a small pop-up stating “Share settings updated”).
  • [Labfolder] – Error messages regarding entry and element locking are now more specific. Particularly, error reporting has been improved for collaborative entries.

Labfolder Bug Fixes

  • [Labfolder] – A bug involving the “Project Share” dialog causing the user’s browser to stall has now been resolved.
  • [Labfolder] – A bug involving action notifications while hiding/unhiding folders has been repaired.
  • [Labfolder] – A bug involving the selection and appearance of subgroups has been resolved. All eligible checkboxes may be selected, as expected.
  • [Labfolder] – A bug involving specific project exports has been resolved. Now, all projects are able to be exported, as expected.
  • [Labfolder] – A bug affecting the display of tooltip information has been resolved – the boxes should no longer overlap when they are hovered over.
  • [Labfolder] – A bug affecting the autosave capabilities of sketch and image elements has been resolved – Unlocked sketch and image elements will now save automatically.
  • [Labfolder] – A bug affecting the project link in entry headers now only leads to the corresponding project – not the entry’s folder.

Labfolder Server v2.21.2

27. July 2023

Labregister Bug Fixes

  • [Labregister] – All previously broken relationships between items and their Labfolder references, caused by a bug affecting item updates through import, have now been repaired. Relationships between items and their Labfolder reference will no longer be disrupted by a csv or Excel import.

Labfolder Server v2.21.0

6. July 2023


Introducing: Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

We have just released an important new security feature for your Labforward accounts. Users now have the option to enable two-step verification, also known as two-factor authentication (2FA). By using 2FA, users are adding an extra layer of security to their accounts. When 2FA is activated, users will be prompted to enter a one-time password provided by an authenticator app, such as Google Authenticator or FreeOTP, to log in. This feature is essential in the wake of the rising number of cyber-attacks in the healthcare, pharma, and R&D sectors. With 2FA, users can further protect their intellectual property, as well as promote good practices in their teams. To enable 2FA, users should navigate to the “Settings” section on their Labforward profile dashboard and follow the simple steps. You can read more about this release in our blog.

Please note: Migration to our new deployment infrastructure using Kubernetes is a prerequisite to access the 2FA capability.

Labfolder Bug Fixes, Improvements, & New Features

  • [Labfolder] – In this release, a bug involving both the “Projects” filter and the “Tags” filter was resolved. Previously, the “Tags: filter could not be altered if the “Projects” filter was also selected. Now, the tag filters may be activated and deactivated regardless of the state of the “Projects” filter.
  • [Labfolder] – Due to data migration during the versioning redesign process, some Labregister Items that are linked to Labfolder entries have not been properly relinked. To address this, Labfolder Group Administrators now have access to Incident Reports, outlining the mislinked data. Administrators may find the Incident Reports under “Settings”. For non-administrative users and users without Incident Reports, the Settings section should appear as usual

  • [Labfolder] – In this release, we’ve resolved a bug in the “Send Entry to Witness” feature. Previously if there was an outstanding group invitation for a user, the “Send Entry to Witness” feature would display the pending user as ´null,null´. Now, pending users will not appear under “Send Entry to Witness” until they accept their invitation.
  • [Labfolder] – We’ve repaired an API bug affecting the product folder structure. The API documentation for this fix can be found here.
  • [Labfolder] – The API documentation for retrieving group membership IDs was also updated. Find the updated documentation here.
  • [Labfolder] – A bug affecting project and folder permissions was resolved. We have made sure that users may only access adequately authorized projects and folders.
  • [Labfolder] – The display of the project group selector filter has been corrected. Now, when group filters are unselected, no group filter count is displayed.
  • [Labfolder] – In this release, a bug involving the presence of the Group selection filter during project navigation was repaired.
  • [Labfolder] – We have also repaired a bug previously affecting filter Bookmarks. Now, your filter results will update as you utilize your bookmarks.

Introducing: Our New & Improved Projects Page

  • [Labfolder] – In this release, we’re excited to introduce an updated “Projects Page”. Users can streamline their project management by easily searching for and navigating between their project directories. We have also improved the search and filter experience by creating a dedicated page for filter results.
  • [Labfolder] – We also fixed a bug in the “Sign & Witness” feature. The witness selection list will no longer show duplicate user names.
  • [Labfolder] – Two further bug fixes involved an update to the API documentation for locked elements and a bug fix for creating locked data elements.
  • [Labfolder] – Users will now see a breadcrumb trail on the projects page that shows where your projects and folders are located in the tree structure. The trail is clickable, making it easy to navigate and move your workaround. This change makes it easier to organize your work and ensure everything is saved in the right place.
  • [Labfolder] – We fixed a bug that caused data elements to appear empty after signing or witnessing an entry in the Sign and Witness app. Now, data elements will retain their content after a signature. The fix ensures that a populated measured quantities list is passed to the assembler so that data elements are correctly displayed in the UI.
  • [Labfolder] – An issue with exporting templates while retaining the layout option is checked has been resolved. You should now be able to export your templates with the “retain layout” option without any problems.
  • [Labfolder] – User may now filter for results within the Projects Page. Users can apply filters such as Title, Authors, and Dates to search for specific projects. The results are displayed in a tree structure on the left side for folders and on the right side for projects. If there are no results that match the search criteria, an indication is given on the page. Users can clear the search criteria and combine multiple filters.

Labregister Bug Fixes, Improvements, & New Features

  • [Labregister] – Individual attribute fields now display error messages when a required field is left blank
  • [Labregister] – The character limit present on dropdown attributes in the table view has been corrected.
  • [Labregister] – A bug was fixed in long text attributes. Following a data migration, long text attributes were truncated after 200 characters. Long text attributes allow up to 16,000 characters and will not be truncated following data migrations.
  • [Labregister] – A bug was resolved which offered viewers the option to duplicate a category, without the action being possible. This has now been resolved.
  • [Labregister] – We added a feature that shows how many dropdown attribute options you can add to a category, helping you to determine if the attribute will meet your needs. We also added a character limit to prevent errors when adding options. If you exceed the limit or try to add more than 100 options, an error message will be displayed.
  • [Labregister] – A bug involving the timestamps in Labregister has been resolved. Previously, changing the user’s timezone did not carry through to the “Modified on” and “Created on” timestamps. Now the timestamps will update according to the selected timezone.

Introducing: Our New & Improved Categories Update via Excel Import Capability

  • [Labregister] – Users may now update their Categories via an Excel file. This way, it is no longer necessary to update existing items in a Category on a one-by-one basis.
  • [Labregister] – We have updated the Advanced Search to include icons for file types, making it easier for users to distinguish between different file types in the drop-down menu. This enhancement is similar to the [Labfolder] icons and should provide a more intuitive user experience when searching for files.
  • [Labregister] – The categories have also been updated so that any hidden or deselected attributes will remain hidden unless reselected by the user. This means that you can work with only the attributes that are of interest to you, without the need to repeatedly hide or deselect unwanted columns. To hide or deselect columns, simply go to the category, navigate to the settings on the top right, and make your selection.
  • [Labregister] – We have updated Dropdown Attributes to increase the total number of characters that can be used. Users can now add up to 100 dropdown values, each with a limit of 200 characters, providing clearer limitations and greater flexibility in creating dropdown attributes.
  • [Labregister] – An issue with sorting items by ItemID in alphabetical instead of numerical order has been fixed. Now, when you sort items by ItemID, they will be displayed in the expected order based on their numerical ID suffix. This means that items with the same day ItemID base will be ordered relative to each other based on their numerical ID suffix.

Labfolder Server v2.19.5

14. March 2023


Introducing: Identity & Access Management (IAM)

This release we’ve launched a major improvement to how you access Labforward platforms. We’ve introduced Identity & Access Management (IAM), which replaces the previous sign-in process with a single point of access to our entire product suite: Labfolder, Labregister and Laboperator. You can navigate to our blog which details all the changes alongside a short video.

  • [Labforward] – In this first release for IAM, we’ve introduced the option for single sign-on (SSO). Users will now have the option to login using an existing Microsoft or Google account, offering you more flexibility on how you access our product suite.
  • Please note – Migration to our new deployment infrastructure using Kubernetes is a prerequisite to access IAM.

Introducing: Our New & Improved Side Navigation Menu

  • [Labfolder] – Starting off the new year, we have implemented a side navigation menu on the left-hand side of your Labfolder screen. This new collapsable menu will replace the original navigation bar at the top right of your ELN. Users will now find the links for Notebook, and Dashboard along with all topics that were previously listed under ‘manage’ in our new, easy-to-use sidebar.

Add your most valuable entries to a list of favorites!

  • [Labfolder] – We introduced a new favoriting system for data entries! We understand the importance of being able to quickly find the most valuable entries within Labfolder, so now users can highlight individual entries by clicking on the star icon. Using the main navigation bar you can then easily search your notebook for your favorite entries!
  • [Labfolder] – We’ve added a banner that will alert users of the status of their connection so you can easily tell when you are offline or not logged in and your data cannot be saved.
  • [Labfolder] – We have fixed an issue affecting embedded images that were being clipped during PDF exports.
  • [Labfolder] – Our team has been making a number of improvements to the overall performance and speed of Labfolder. You should now notice the loading time for your list of projects and entries to appear, along with the option to move an entry to a project has been significantly reduced.
  • [Labfolder] – Users can now search for an entry using the entry ID when creating an entry reference within the text element. Alternatively, you can simply paste a copied entry ID into your text element and it will be converted into an entry reference link.
  • [Labfolder] – Entry IDs are now displayed in the header of an entry so they can be quickly copied or identified for referencing.
  • [Labfolder] – An issue preventing Dropbox uploads has now been resolved.
  • [Labfolder] – Users are now notified if any updates such as adding, tags, titles, parent projects or changes to an entry layout fail to save.
  • [Labfolder] – Users are now notified when saving of a notebook element fails so they can resolve any connection issues, or retry to avoid losing data.
  • [Labfolder] – An issue that prevented all users from appearing in the witness list has now been resolved.
  • [Labfolder] – A bug affecting well-plate templates from rendering correctly on firefox browsers has now been resolved.
  • [Labfolder] – Our team has been working on some bugs affecting the side navigation menu and the entry toolbar to improve the usability on all browsers.
  • [Labfolder] – Another bug has been fixed, which means filtering your notebook for favorites when no entries are marked as favorites will now return no entries.
  • [Labfolder] – We fixed a bug affecting XHTML exports, whereby the downloaded zip folder could not be opened.
  • [Labfolder] – We have fixed a couple of bugs – one of which meant safari users could not see folder symbols in the project filter view.
  • [Labfolder] – We have been busy with a couple of bug fixes making sure everything is running smoothly and without interruption to usability.

Introducing: Labregister Advanced Search

  • [Labregister] – We have now introduced an Advanced search function for Labregister. With this update users can efficiently search through their inventory database. Similar to the Labfolder advanced search functionality users can now combine different criteria to seamlessly refine their search. For step by step instructions please check out our blog post or refer to our Helpdesk article here.
  • [Labregister] – An issue that caused only the name and ID of an item to be displayed and prevented users from opening or editing the item has now been resolved.
  • [Labregister] – Currently, when you have a long attribute name in a Labregister category, the asterisk for a mandatory field gets cut off meaning a user cannot easily see which attributes are mandatory. This has now been resolved to ensure an asterisk for mandatory fields remains visible.
  • [Labregister]We have now added a character limit display to your category attribute entries. When adding a new category attribute users can now see the character limit which means you no longer need to worry about having to edit long title names.
  • [Labregister] – We fixed an issue where generating barcode images failed when the barcode attribute value started with certain symbols such as &, #, and % or when it includes %.
  • [Labregister] – When using the ‘attribute in category’ option in the advanced search, the auto suggestion drop down would return no values. This has now been resolved and is working as expected.
  • [Labregister] – Now, when using the Advanced Search feature in Labregister, any entered criteria and conditions are automatically saved, even if the search was not performed. This allows users to leave the search to check something within the category and easily pick up where they left off in their search.
  • [Labregister] – You might have noticed our advanced search menu has been updated to include the option to filter for a specific file type when searching your inventory.
  • [Labregister] – We have released an update enabling users to see all members of a category. This allows users to contact those in top-level roles if any change or access requests to the category are required.
  • [Labregister] – A bug causing the drop-down menu for logical operators to be blocked by the element bar has now been resolved.
  • [Labregister] – We fixed a couple of bugs to improve user experience, including one which affected the validation of dropdown elements when importing excel files.

Labfolder Server v2.18.8

2. November 2022
    • [Notebook] – With this release, when you download table and well plate files from XHTML export you get the files with a .xlsx extension. This allows for documents to be opened using any suitable application.
    • [Notebook] – After hearing feedback, we’ve made some changes to ensure quicker loading times of tables in Labfolder ELN, so you don’t have to wait long for data to load.

Improved PDF Export Feature!

    • [Labfolder] – This release is the first in a series of improvements we will be making to the PDF export feature. Users can continue using the original export format which has now been updated to include visual and performance improvements.
    • [Labfolder] – We noticed the option to remove page numbers or headers was not required so this has been removed now offering you a smoother export experience.
    • [Labfolder] – Users can now see the legend for well plate templates directly in an entry and no longer need to open their well plate template in edit mode to view it.
    • [Labfolder] – An issue that affected text elements within a data entry causing them to reduce in size once saved has now been resolved.
    • [Labfolder] – An issue causing long entry titles to run off the side of the notebook preview has now been resolved.
    • [Labregister] – This release includes a lot of bug fixes:
    • [Labregister] – Our Labregister team have been busy implementing improvements to search capabilities within our inventory management system. Now you are able to search for specific items (or even categories) using the search bar that is now located at the top of the page. You can search across all categories and even use special characters in your search e.g. Ω, β, ä, ö.
    • [Labregister] – We have released a new feature that allows you to export a selection of items within Labregister! Take a look at our helpdesk article which explains how you can now select individual items you want to export within Labregister.
    • [Labregister] – Users no longer need to hover over icons to perform an action when accessing Labfolder via tablet or mobile, you can now simply click directly on the icon offering a much smoother navigation flow.
    • [Labregister] – We have also made some cosmetic improvements to the category overview. You might have noticed that the ‘all items’ counter has now been aligned to the right-hand side of the navigation menu.
    • [Labregister] – Additionally we fixed an issue that meant that endless scrolling within the ‘all item’ view resulted in items disappearing from view.
    • [Labregister] – We noticed that when adding values for a dropdown attribute, the space to add it is far too small to edit. Now the space is as high as the option field height, so the whole field is editable!
    • [Labregister] – On tablets and mobiles we fixed an issue caused by the side-bar blocking the pop-up windows.
    • [Labregister] – We also fixed the unwanted duplication of items in Categories that some users were experiencing.
    • [Labregister] – Also worth noting is a bug fix disabling save when there is an ongoing file upload. Previously, the save button was enabled during a file upload, however, if the save button was pressed when the file wasn’t entirely uploaded it would result in the file not being attached to the item. This has now been resolved!
    • [Labregister] – We noticed that an export of a Category does not export the modification and creation dates, now these are included.
    • [Labregister] – As usual we have been busy behind the scenes making a number of little fixes to help improve the overall performance of Labregister.
    • [Notebook] – We’ve also made improvements to our Notebook, with this latest release all elements created, have the same default size and appear at the bottom of the Entry, whether they were created via API or via the UI.
    • [Notebook] – Elsewhere we fixed a couple of bugs. One which created a layout error in the header dropdown, and another where we fixed a duplicate of the edit button which appeared when users were in condensed mode.
    • [Notebook] – We also fixed a bug that shows an error message when trying to save a Data Element with LR Items where the user has no permission to.

Labfolder Server v2.17.11

11. July 2022
  • [Notebook] – This release features loads of improvements to the mobile optimization of Labfolder. We’ve removed the tooltip, changed it so headers collapse when scrolling and we also closed the table element toolbar, setting it as a default. In this update we also made it possible for elements in edit mode to use the full screen of the mobile device and implemented a fix that prevents projects and groups being displaced when you scroll
  • [Notebook] – We noticed that when you create a WPTE and Data Element that it does not fit into the default element size so you can’t see everything at once. We’ve implemented an update so you get a better view of your WPTE and Data Elements upon creation.
  • [Notebook] – We also added a new feature that restricts template creation rights to group admins. Conversely, we’ve added an improvement so witnessing an article is no longer limited to admins within a group.
  • [Notebook] – We also fixed plenty of bugs. One of which was preventing text elements from being editable after double-clicking and another appeared to allow the deletion of an entry element irrespective of rights (don’t worry, it was not actually possible to delete anything from other users.). Both these bugs have been addressed and fixed accordingly. Also worth noting is a bug fix that means long project names no longer influence the exporting process and an XHTML export issue that was affecting a small number of users has been resolved.
  • [Notebook] – Other bug fixes have improved the user experience, for example, table loading times are quicker and now when you download table and well plate files from XHTML export you get the files with .xlsx file extension.
  • Additional improvements to Labregister

  • [Labregister] – You may have noticed that right now when you perform a bulk operation (deleting, duplicating or editing items) in Labregister, the operation runs instantly and you’re not informed about the running operation. Additionally, it often takes quite a while. To improve this experience, we’ve introduced asynchronous bulk operations, so you’ll be informed about a running operation in a Category and when this operation is successfully completed!
  • [Labregister] – We’ve made an improvement to allow the editing of more than 1000 Items in bulk.
  • [Labregister] – You can also now hide/restore items in bulk with ease!
  • [Labregister] – We’ve also introduced the bulk deletion of children or parents linked to an Item, so you can quickly remove selections of parent or child items.
  • [Labregister] – We’ve increased the size of the horizontal scrollbar in a category and it’s also now possible to view all items in a group, so you can browse through the recently added or modified items.
  • [Labregister] – We’ve moved the user profile link and support button to the sidebar to make navigation clearer. Moreover, we added columns for creator & editor names and times to the “All Items View” for improved oversight.
  • [Labregister] – To improve user experience, profile URLs now open in a new window. This means there will be no disruption to any unsaved work you might have open.
  • [Labregister] – This release also includes performance improvements for navigation flow and overall usability.
  • [Labregister] – We also fixed some bugs: the help button now sends you straight to our Helpdesk in Labregister.

Labfolder Server v2.17.2

1. April 2022
  • [Security] – We’ve released a security update for Labfolder and Labregister. It includes a hotfix for a critical zero-day exploit of the Spring library (CVE 2022-22965). For more details on this update please navigate to our Security Center.
  • [Notebook]

    Introducing our new and improved Labfolder grid layout!

    We have made some more improvements to our Labfolder interface. You are no longer limited to having two elements in a row within a data entry. With our latest release, we have introduced a new grid feature which allows users to place up to 12 data elements into an entry. Each element is completely flexible so the size and position can be adjusted to your exact specification.

  • [Notebook] – We disabled some add buttons while other elements are loading and fixed a bug or two!
  • [Export] – We fixed a number of issues with XHTML exports failing due to excessive filenames.
    Additional improvements to Labregister

  • [Labregister] – Our engineering team has been working behind the scenes to make improvements to the usability of the interface.
  • [Labregister]  – You are now able to collapse and expand groups and subgroups.
  • [Labregister] – We’ve also added the ability to hide and restore an item in a Category. This allows users who have editing rights to an item to hide it so other users can not edit or find the item. It is then also possible to delete or restore a hidden item.


Labfolder Server v2.14.3

24. January 2022
  • [Notebook & Labregister]
    We did some work behind the scenes. The changes might be too small to notice or too difficult to explain, but we continue to improve the overall user experience in our ELN and inventory manager.
  • [Labregister]
    Users are now able to display attribute values when adding a new Labregister item in their lab notebook!
  • [Notebook]

    Time for a change! A new User Interface (UI) for Labfolder!

    Our team gave the electronic lab notebook Labfolder a facelift. By updating the look and feel of the ELN, we not only enable a seamless navigation experience across all of our products but also provide a more productive and modern software to work with.
    For more details visit our Blog Post!

  • [Labregister]

    Relationship attributes have arrived to Labregister!

    Tracking the relationship of inventory items is important to achieve traceability of all materials. Although relationship branches might be very complex, with Labregister Relationship Attributes, users are presented a simple way to define and track parent child relations of any materials.

  • [Labregister] – Via category options, users have the possibility to duplicate inventory structures or entire inventory lists.
  • [Notebook] – Our Team has worked hard to improve additional glitches affecting the optimal use of Signature Workflows and Templates.


Labfolder Server 2.10.2

15. November 2021
  • [Labregister] – Get organized! You now have the option to freeze the item ID and item Name columns. So when scrolled to the right you can quickly identify to which item the attribute information belongs.
  • [Labregister] – Resize or Hide material attribute columns. Sort by different attributes or pick which attribute columns to even show in your material list overview.
  • [Labregister] – Users are now able to edit item attributes directly in the category overview.
  • [Labregister] – Bulk actions for material items have arrived. You can now edit, duplicate or delete several items at once in your lab inventories.
  • [Labregister] – Via category options, users have the possibility to duplicate inventory structures or entire inventory lists.
  • [Notebook] – Our Team has worked hard to improve additional glitches affecting the optimal use of Signature Workflows and Templates.


Labfolder Server 2.7.2

17. August 2021

Introducing: File Attachments in Labregister

  • [Labregister] – Attach any file type (max 25MB per file) to your material items.
  • [Labregister] – Preview PDF and image files directly on your materials.
  • [Labregister] – You are now able to download all file attachments of a certain material.
    Additional improvements to Labregister

  • [Labregister] – Several lot numbers of the same antibody? Now you have unique IDs for each inventory item to help you distinguish them!
  • [Labregister] – This summer we say #NoBodyShaming for your materials with the new long text attribute! Your inventory items are no longer bound to have just a slim 200 characters limit in the attributes. This is the perfect place for your sequences!
  • [Labregister] – Automatic Barcodes are here! You can now choose to create unique barcodes for each item based on the Item ID.


New and Improved Excel support in Labfolder

Just more of everything! Our Labfolder Table Element doesn’t just looks more like Excel it also resembles more functionalities, for editing data, adding graphs and formatting.
For more details visit our Blog Post!
Other improvements to Labfolder

  • [Well Plate Element] – You are now able to remove unused layers from your plate layouts if no longer needed.
  • [Data Elements] – In the “Labregister Item” you can now search for the Unique IDs that we just added for each item.
  • [Text Element] – We improved some of the text formatting, here especially focusing on the option to create lists of various kind.
  • [Comment] – Ever wondered why the first comment was added by clicking ‘Reply’? We fixed that, now you’re able to ‘post’ your comments onto your colleagues entries.
  • [Custom Dates] – A vast amount of custom dates was hard to add. The new scroll bar now simplifies this process.

Labfolder Server 2.4.0

29. April 2021

Introducing: Barcode attribute in Labregister


Beep, Beep, Beep. Remember when this sound brought you joy and was not exclusive to buying flour for your baking spree during this pandemic? We want to recover that feeling with our brand new barcode attribute!

  • [Labregister] – Create Code 128 or Data matrix barcode attributes for your inventory items. See our guide to learn how!
  • [Labregister] – Barcodes are meant to be printed and, of course, you can do that in Labregister.
  • [Labregister] – Since you can search for all attributes in the Inventory, you can also scan a barcode and find your item

Additional improvements to Labregister

  • [Labregister] – You can now copy to clipboard all your options in a dropdown attribute.
  • [Labregister] – In the same dropdown attribute you now have the flexibility to add multiple options in bulk.
  • [Labregister] – The “status” was always a dropdown attribute but now we’ve made it official. Starting today, you can customize the status from your current categories!
  • [Labregister] – In some situations, not all the options in a dropdown attribute were being displayed. Now they will be visible forever.
  • [Labregister] – Now you can quickly find your inventory items by looking in the attributes, not just their name.
  • [Labregister] – We fixed a small issue that prevented the successful sharing of categories when a group admin had not accepted the group invitation.

Other improvements to Labfolder

  • [Data Elements] – We added 48 new units to our Numerical Data Elements list.
  • [PDF] – Sometimes PDFs with % were not being displayed. Our engineering team fixed this issue immediately.
  • [Projects] – We further improved the behavior of dragging & dropping projects within the folder organization.
  • [Others] – We updated the layout and content of the emails sent by the system

Labfolder Server 2.3.2

17. February 2021

  • [Material Database Labregister] – New year – new brand! In 2020 you experienced a relaunch of our inventory system interface and today we are announcing a new brand to match that new experience.
  • [Labregister] – We more than tripled the number of attributes that you can define per category: from 32 to 100!
  • [Labregister] – Now when creating dropdown attributes we prevent you from creating unnecessary duplicates.
  • [Labregister] – Autocomplete is now available in dropdown attributes.
  • [Labregister] – We fixed a small issue that prevented the sorting of items based on a date attribute.
  • [User Interface] – To improve project and template management, we increase the size of the dialogs.
  • [Others] – We updated the layout and content of the emails sent by the system.

Labfolder Server 2.2.0

15. December 2020
  • [Material Database] – Managing inventory lists is now easier with the implementation of the group concept that resembles the one you find in projects & templates.
  • [Material Database] – We added a brand new dropdown attribute to help you standardize your inventory lists.
  • [Material Database] – We made several speed improvements in the background to optimize the overall performance of this app.
  • [Images] – You can now copy & paste images directly from your clipboard into Labfolder entries.
  • [Images] – We improved the support for different images files.
  • [PDF] – Sometimes, PDFs with special characters on the title were not being displayed. This will not happen again.
  • [API] – We extended our API endpoints to cover one of the most used features of our ELN: Templates. You can now automate template creation and extraction.

Labfolder Server 2.0.1

27. August 2020

Introducing: Import & Export of inventory lists


  • [Material Database] – And now users are also able to export their inventory lists in .xlsx format!
  • [Material Database] – In rare cases, MDB exports would simply fail to run. While we’re sure we could all use a rest, we know you could also use an Export functionality that runs. So we fixed that.
  • [Material Database] – We’ve improved a handful of user interface details that make the usage of the MDB even better.


Learn more about the MDB Import & Export

Additional improvements

  • [History] – Our Data Elements were misbehaving when showing up in the entry history. We now thought them to only show up once.
  • [Group Management] – We enhanced our notifications when trying to remove members from a group.
  • [API] – Out with the old, in with the new! Today we completely shutdown the first version of our API in favor of our more complete (and prettier) APIv2.

Labfolder Server 1.32.2

9. July 2020


  • [Material Database] – You can now edit and correct the name of your inventory attribtues attributes.
  • [Material Database] – Import has arrived to the MDB. You can now easily migrate your lab inventories into Labfolder by uploading them as Excel Files.
  • [Material Database] – We know you want to test the Inventory Import by yourself! We improved our warnings messages and added self guidance tips to help you.
  • [Material Database] – Sometimes calculations and exponentials were being stubborn and not imported. They are now behaving as expected.
  • [Notebook filters] – We fixed an issue related to notebook filtering for team members that have not yet accepted the group invitation.
  • [History] – We enhanced our full audit trail to include visual indicators of the content that was changed in each version.
  • [Group Management] – Our projects sometimes got confused when a user belonged to several subgroups. We clarified the guidelines.

Labfolder Server 1.31.4

13. May 2020
  • [Sign & Witness] – We fixed an issue that was affecting the text element after an entry was signed.

Labfolder Server 1.31.3

12. May 2020
  • [Word Documents] – Our team noticed that some Word documents were not being properly extracted after upload. This issue has been solved and everything is back to normal.

Labfolder Server 1.31.2

5. May 2020

New and improved: Material Database


  • [MDB] – Experience a new and modern design.
  • [MDB] – No more Material Database lists – Users can categorize all their inventory lists in a side panel.
  • [MDB] – You can define user rights more in-depth – choose from category owners to editor to read-only access.


Learn more about the new inventory


Data Entry

  • [Notebook] – Just like on the Projects page, all filters in the Notebook can now be executed using an “Apply Filter” button.
  • [Image Element] – You now have the option to rotate images!
  • [Well Plate Templates] – We now display all special characters (specially μ) when you download your well plate template as a PDF.
  • [Well Plate Templates] – We improved both the PDFand Excel export of your well plates.
  • [Well Plate Templates] – In rare cases it was reported that Firefox was not showing more than 7 characters in the descriptive field. It won’t happen again.


  • [API] -3 new API endpoints for our text element: Update and get element.
  • [API] -We continue to expand our API endpoints. This week’s lucky winner is the data element block with a brand new update endpoint.

Additional information

  • [History] – Sometimes the entries in the history were not changing to the correct language. Now they are.
  • [Interface] – Out with the old, in with the new. Our brand new logo is now display throughout our ELN.

Labfolder Server 1.29.4

18. February 2020

New Well Plate Templates app


  • [Well Plate Templates] – You can design your well plates experiments with an exclusive app.
  • [Well Plate Templates] – Choose from a range of 6- to 348-well templates.
  • [Well Plate Templates] – You can define layers for each condition used.
  • [Well Plate Templates] – Oversee the entire experiment using the composite view.


Learn more about the new Well Plate Templates app

Data Entry

  • [Table Element] – We taught our ELN how to deal appropriately with Excel files containing graphs that link to other pieces of data.
  • [Table Element] – Our table element is even more accurate now, and will stop cutting off numbers after the decimal.
  • [Text Element] – We fixed a bug in the text element which resulted in broken links to external websites.
  • [Data Elements] – We continue to add new physical quantities and units to Labfolder numerical data elements. Now you have access to the following physical quantities: Tear strength, Tensile strength, Dynamic viscosity, Kinematic viscosity, Wavelength, Wavenumber, Pixel and Frequency.
  • [Comments] – In rare occasions, the comments were getting lost on their way to the Inbox. Our engineers provided a map for them and it should not happen again.
  • [Projects] – We fixed a bug where a user was not able to delete a project from a former member of the group.


  • [API] – On the way of retiring our first API connection, we have now taught our API v2 how to create text elements.
  • [Announcement] – On the 28th of April we will retire our API v1. All connections that are still using this version should be reconfigured to use our API v2. All necessary documentation can be found here.

Additional information

  • [Support] – We have a brand new support portal that can answer all your questions! Check it here.
  • [Notebook] – Several users have experienced slow loading times in the ELN, we have increased the speed here a bit.
  • [Performance] – We made several small tweaks to allow faster loading of many ELN pages!

Labfolder Server 1.28.8

5. November 2019

Data Entry

  • [Text Element] – Further improvements on the saving functionalities.
  • [Table Element] – We fixed some bug here as well, so that all decimals will be displayed properly again.
  • [Table Element] – We have cleared some hickups in our table element, so that users can now select formulas using the keyboard arrows.
  • [Data elements] – When clicking on a Material Element within your lab notes, the information of the item will be displayed in a new tab.
  • [Data Elements] – We now support asian characters in our Data Elements.
  • [Data Elements] – We fixed a small issue with Descriptive Data Dlements that was preventing the element from being saved.
  • [History] – We improved the details in the entry history for several of our elements. Your full audit trail is even better now.
  • [Entry Reference] – Our entry reference was not fast enough. Now it is unstoppable.

Data Export

  • [Exports] – µ in bold was being stubborn and refusing to appear in a PDF export. Behaviour corrected!
  • [Exports] – The notification for exports will now include information on the export type (PDF or XHTML).
  • [Exports] – In the unlikely event of an export failing, you will not hear “brace brace brace” but now you see a notification for it in the respective icon!
  • [Exports] – We fixed several small issues that were blocking Exports generation and download.
  • [Exports] – Since we were already making speed improvements, we expanded our efforts to the Manage > Exports page.
  • [Exports] – When starting an XHTML export, the visual indicator confirming the process was being introverted and not showing up. After a pep talk from our developers, now it will be there when you need it.
  • [Exports] – Some users recently reported that exports were not working for them. We promptly solved this.
  • [Exports] – Strike-through format and tags were on strike and not showing in PDF exports. They are now back at work!
  • [Exports] – We noticed that under rare conditions PDF Exports were not working. Our engineering team promptly solve the issue.
  • [Exports] – Some users reported to us a malfunction when trying to download files that contained % in their title. We have now fixed this for you.
  • [Exports] – 10kb? 200kb? Wondering how large is your export file? Not anymore! You now see that information directly in the export details.


  • [MDB] – Say goodbye to scrolling! You can now filter for item name in the inventory.
  • [MDB] – We improved our interface to avoid the deletion of Material Databases by mistake.
  • [MDB] – We fixed a small bug for you. Now when following the Material Element link you should see all attributes again.
  • [Signature Workflows] – We just made our brand new Signature Workflows much faster !
  • [Signature Workflows] – The XHTML export now also exports the signatures for each entry.
  • [Signature workflows] – Our team made several under the hood improvements to make the entire app faster.
  • [Signature workflows] – We fixed a small issue that prevented an entry from being witnessed via a workflow.
  • [Signature Workflows] – Having 2 sub-group members witnessing an entry was blocking workflows. We resolved this inner conflict.
  • [Signature Workflows] – We fixed an issue with the signing process in servers using LDAP.
  • [Signature Workflows] – After feedback from our scientists, we changed the reviewing options from “Review vs Reject” to “Accept vs Reject”.
  • [Signature Workflows] – Ongoing work on our newest app: Some issues regarding the un-/hiding of signed entries is now resolved.
  • [Signature Workflows] – As expected, the share settings now also align with possible witnesses for this tool.


  • [API] – We are continuously improving our API, now all error messages should be displayed correctly.
  • [API] – While logging in through our API was never a problem, we now also have designed an endpoint which allows you to logout!

Labfolder Server 1.27.8

20. June 2019
  • [Login] – Some users experienced problems during the Sign up and Login process. We have fixed this issue for you!

Labfolder Server 1.27.7

13. June 2019
  • [MDB] – Some users reported an empty screen when trying to share their MDBs. We have fixed this so you’re not alone anymore!
  • [MDB] – Users are now able to add Hyperlinks as attributes to their inventory items.
  • [Text element] – Some users reported that the header of our text element was not sticking to the top. We applied super glue to fix this.
  • [Table element] – We fixed an issue that prevented some .xslx files from being extracted.
  • [Data elements] – Users can now use a simple double click to access the data elements for editing.
  • [Advanced search] – Occasionally our Advanced search for Data Elements was giving random results for Templates. As scientists, we don’t need more randomness in our lives (our western blots are enough), so we fixed this issue.
  • [Templates] – Our QA team noticed that some templates with tables were not being saved after the last release. We promptly solved this issue.
  • [API] – We also updated our API endpoints for the material database.

Labfolder Server 1.27.3

16. May 2019

New Exports Page


  • [Exports] – A brand new exports page is available via Manage > Exports.
  • [Exports] – Once the XHTML app is activated, XHTML exports can be done from the new Exports page instead of the Settings.
  • [Exports] – Multiple exports are now listed chronologically and can be easily identified by their format.
  • [Exports] – Each export is kept for 48 hours, giving you all the necessary time to download it.
  • [Exports] – A new progress indicator will let you know when each export is done and ready for download.
  • [Exports] – We fixed a small issue that prevented the export of files containing exponential values inside tables.
  • [Exports] – Multiple endpoints related to the Exports’ redesign have been created.
  • [Exports] – Uploads to DropBox can now be followed through loading indicator and error messages in case of failure.
  • [Exports] – We added the possibility to export hidden projects and templates.


Learn more about the new Exports page

Data Entry

  • [Text element] – Improvements on the user experience when copy/paste from Word. Formattings will be maintained.
  • [Text element] – Tables within text elements can now be copy/pasted between entries.
  • [Text element] – Editing tables was modifying content that had been previously formatted. We sorted this out for you.
  • [Text element] – Users can now set line adjust the line height of texts, to improve readability of entries
  • [Text element] – Un-/Ordered lists now have more options available, such as display of greek numbers, discs, squares, etc
  • [Text element] – Within the toolbar editor, users can now visualize and edit text element contents as HTML code.
  • [Text element] – Some users reported a strange behavior when trying to save the text element. After some therapy, that behavior has been corrected.
  • [Entry reference] – Previously, clicking on the entry reference link took you on a little journey, but now  this will take you to the right entry.
  • [Entry reference] – Users can now successfully reference their own recent entries or entries of others again.
  • [Links & entry references] – When links or entry references were inserted in the text editor, the edit menu appeared blank. Now it’s all visible again!
  • [Table element] – We added a new visual indicator for hidden rows & columns.
  • [Table element] – Once loaded, small tables will remain visible inside the entries.
  • [Table element] – We fixed an issue that prevented some .xslx files from being extracted.
  • [Table element] – UYou can now add and change the border color of your tables.
  • [Image element] – When downloading images, some annotations were misbehaving and appearing in the wrong location. We told them to stay in place so it will not happen again.
  • [Image element] – Some users reported that sketches were being cropped when downloaded. This issue has been solved.
  • [Data Elements] – Within Data Elements we have smoothly fixed all drag and drop issues.
  • [Data elements] – After the request from some users, we expanded our new numerical data elements physical quantities and units.
  • [Data elements] – In edit view, we switched the order of the ‘Discard’ and ‘Save’ buttons to prevent work being lost due to misclicks.
  • [Templates] – We fixed a small issue impacting the removal of elements within templates.

Data Retrieval

  • [Tags] – If you were using multiple tags in an entry (as you should) they’re visibility was interfering with entry elements. Now they are visible (as they should).
  • [Tags] – When you create a new entry from a template, the tags automatically inserted can be deleted.
  • [Advanced search] – Now when you search for Custom dates our ELN will give you an exact match.
  • [Advanced search] – Now it is possible for users to find exact terminology via the punctuation symbol.
  • [Advanced search] – We fixed a small issue that caused the search indexer to crash while MS Visio file indexing.
  • [Advanced search] – Some users reported that the redirection to entries was not working properly. We have fixed this issue so that the search result will lead to the correct entry.


  • [Notebook] – Removing entry elements is now a 2-step process thanks to a new warning message.
  • [Notebook] – When entries were collapsed, new entries would open if ‘show more entries’ was clicked. But now all entries stay collapsed.
  • [Notebook] – If you have all your entries collapsed and create a new one, it will also be automatically collapsed.
  • [Notebook] – Some users reported that special characters were not being properly displayed. This has been fixed now.
  • [Storage] – We fixed a small issue that resulted in not displaying the correct maximum storage to some scientists.
  • [Apps] – Under the Manage > Apps section of labfolder, we updated the app cards with newer, more attractive images.
  • [DE/FR translations] – Physical quantities are now displayed in the correct language inside the Advanced search.
  • [DE/FR translations] – We improved the layout for titles when exporting entries as PDF files.