Cultivate your research data

As a researcher you are working hard to reduce resource waste, improve the performance of crops or enable cruelty free meat production. Labfolder’s productivity platform helps you to focus on these important tasks, while providing a place to document your data in an organized and efficient manner.


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Store all information in a single platform

Add data to your electronic lab notebook

Use text, sketches, tables and file uploads to shape entries according to your needs. Scientists will also find additional tools to further document experimental parameters in a structured and organized manner like the Well Plate Template designer and Data Elements.

With these features the entire experiment – from the idea and planning up to execution and analysis – can be recorded in a central platform.

  • Upload any file types into Labfolder
  • Intellectual Property protection via individual entry authorship
  • All actions are recorded and retrievable in a Full Audit Trail


“Instead of each researcher having their own copy of an article, it can be uploaded once and everyone has access to it. As most data collected is in electronic format, it makes sense (saving time and resources) to record and report it in the same way.”

Kelly Dunstan, Lab Manager at AgResearch

Share and discuss your findings with colleagues

Scientific research is a highly collaborative environment. Just as in your current setup, Labfolder allows you to specify research teams and facilitates collaborative work on shared research projects. This allows all scientists to gain access to information that is relevant to them.

Collaborators and fellow researchers can get easy access to experimental records. Moreover, messages, tasks and comments can be used to streamline communications inside your team.

  • Visualize PDFs, images, Word and Excel in your entry
  • Rearrange entry elements to adapt the layout of your data
  • Use comments to discuss findings in the ELN
Share and discuss data

“Everything can be shared seamlessly without the hassle of missing out on significant details. Being able to export PDFs of Entries and Projects makes it so much easier to share information with stakeholders and colleagues. Gone are the days of having illegible notes in elusive lab books that are unprofessional to show anyone beyond the lab.”

Kelly Dunstan, Lab Manager at AgResearch

Catalogue and reference your lab inventories

Any research laboratory holds a set of materials, which can be organized using Labfolder’s built-in Material Database. In this fully customizable inventory system, you are able to define as many material lists as you need and describe the individual items further.

Manage all your materials directly from the ELN by defining specific access rights (from read-only to full edit rights). Incorporate existing inventory lists using the Excel-Import and keep them up-to-date.

  • Import & Export of inventory lists
  • Track how materials are used in different experiment setups
  • Benefit from a versioned inventory
Labfolder Inventory

“It is handy to have our material database within the same platform, so that we can keep track of our cell lines and reagents to refer from our notebook entries.”

Derin Alemli, Director of Operations at New Age Meats

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