Introducing: Import & Export of inventory lists to the Labfolder Material Database

Each laboratory tracks and manages their inventory in order to provide an efficient work environment and increase productivity. Usually this is achieved by a number of Excel spreadsheets, which can be made accessible to all team members. With every researcher being responsible for updating and maintaining these lists, there is also some risk of redundancy, if information is outdated or lost.

Labfolder’s Material Database provides many advantages over using spreadsheets: Access management, as well as administrative roles, can be clearly defined and by providing a direct link to your actual lab notes, the reproducibility of your data increases.


“The possibility to import material lists to Labfolder was one of the most requested features by our customers. We are glad to see this implemented in such a user-friendly way together with the complementary export option.”
Anne Kriegel, Head of Customer Success at Labforward


In order to facilitate the incorporation of your existing inventory lists, Labfolder now offers a comprehensive import functionality. Using three easy steps users can now prepare a destination category for their respective inventories, upload the Excel spreadsheet and map inventory attributes accordingly. Taking the general features of the Material Database into consideration, your excel worksheet may contain text fields, numbers, dates or hyperlinks that can be displayed in your Labfolder inventory.

In a complementary process, Labfolder users will also be able to create an export of their inventory lists directly from the Material Database. Thereby, all existing items will be matched into a spreadsheet containing the respective attributes.

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