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Handle all processes, from research & development to drug compound testing and manufacturing in a centralized platform. Labfolder’s ELN provides a comprehensive documentation software that enables biotech companies to produce more efficiently and reliably.


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A central platform for your research data

A central platform for your data

Labfolder allows your team to organize their research records in projects. Within these, data entries and protocols can be recorded coherently. Collect data in the form of texts, process descriptions and result data. All digital file formats can be imported to the ELN, allowing scientists to store all relevant information in one single platform.

  • Connect projects, materials and researchers
  • Incorporate PDFs, images, Word and Excel files with ease
  • Structure qualitative and quantitative parameters


“The way we record scientific data has not changed since using the ELN. Labfolder enables sharing and searching for data and experimental details that was otherwise very difficult.”

Michael Ziebell, Co-founder of Spectrus

Facilitate reporting and research validation

A common set of lab protocols benefits every researcher. Repetitive documentation tasks can be handled much faster and protocol deviations are easily recognized through a unified and structured way of documenting experiments. Labfolder’s ELN provides a dedicated ‘templates’ section to organize, optimize and distribute up-to-date protocols and SOPs.

Additionally, each laboratory or even institution-wide custom validation workflows help to streamline compliant research data assessment. Use your ELN to create specified signature workflows for each project and enable reviewers to easily access information and provide dedicated feedback on any findings.


  • Use protocol versioning to keep track of modifications
  • Full audit trail with change highlights
  • Approve research data using FDA-compliant digital signatures
Labfolder Digital Signatures

“By switching to Labfolder, documentation is more standardized and we can now gather protocols and data together in one entry and sign all in once. Any deviation from SOP’s is easily documented.”

Caroline Wigerup, Associate Director of Biology at Acrivon

Manage lab inventories via the ELN

Any research laboratory manages its inventory in different ways. Labfolder’s electronic lab notebook is equipped with a built-in system to store and manage your material lists. A highly customizable structure helps you to further specify cell strains, antibodies, chemical or other materials you are handling on a regular basis.

By linking these inventory items directly to your lab notes in the ELN, experimental documentation will be more complete. Further, this can improve the reproducibility and transparency of your research.

  • Upload existing inventories from Excel
  • Define access rights and managing roles for inventory lists
  • Benefit from a versioned inventory
Material Database

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