Features breakdown

Data Entry

Integrate all your data

Drag & Drop all file formats into your electronic notebook and have your results side by side with your experimental procedure. Access your data anywhere in the world and download it from any computer.

Open Word & Excel documents

Import, preview, and extract Word and Excel files in Labfolder’s ELN. Work on these documents inside Labfolder while always keeping a copy of the original file.

Visualize and annotate images

View images inside your lab notebook and take advantage of a vast array of annotation tools to always highlight what you want. Your annotations are stored on a separate layer, guaranteeing that your original image is always preserved.

Customize your entries

Your content does not need to be static once you create it. Drag and drop different elements within your entry to rearrange the layout.

Access your data everywhere

Labfolder is a browser-based ELN software and therefore compatible with all operating systems and most popular browsers. Access your data anywhere in the world and always be up to date with the latest developments of your research.

Export your data

Once you have entered data, you may want to export it later. You can download uploaded files in their original format, and we also offer PDF and XHTML exports for entries, projects, and even your entire electronic lab notebook.

Create an experimental workflow

Use our Entry Reference tool to connect all your experiments from the same or different projects. You have the ability to search for entries by title.

Data Elements

Keep track of experimental protocols and parameters with Data Elements. Enter the parameters including name, a physical quantity, numeric value, and unit. This makes you able to document a specific protocol for your experiment.

Team Collaboration

Create and share projects

You are already collaborating with other scientists in different projects, so why not organize your lab notebook in the same way?

Share projects with specific team members or with your entire team thanks to custom share settings.

Store and share protocols/templates

Create or import protocols and templates in your ELN and share knowledge with your colleagues. If you want to re-use previously recorded information without dedicated protocol templates, clone the original into a new entry.

Set up your group structure

Labfolder allows you to determine the structure of your group in your lab notebook and easily adapts to future changes.

Invite and remove team members while keeping the all the content within your group.

* Subgroups are only available in the advanced version

Administrator Settings

In Labfolder, you can define custom share setting for each team member. You also can create as many subgroups as necessary with no limit on the number of admins and sub-admins.

Exclusive control over deletion parameters can be customized to your needs.

*Advanced version only

Discuss your data

Comment and discuss your data with your colleagues inside your lab notebook. You will have access to the group projects and also your team members’ notebooks, meaning you can comment on the data and discuss it with them.

Send messages and assign tasks

Unclutter your email from lab related discussions. Use Labfolder to message or assign tasks to your team or specific colleagues and follow up on the issues with real-time status updates.

Material Inventories

Unlimited inventory lists and items

You can set up multiple categories based on lab products such as reagents, plasmids, antibodies, etc. You can use this to better organize the materials you already have in your laboratory.

Track materials

In Labregister you can generate barcodes (Code 128 or Data Matrix) or scan them directly from the materials using a barcode scanner. The barcode is displayed as an image file that you can easily download or print.
Additionally, each of your inventory materials contains a unique identifier.

Import & Export of inventories

Labfolder offers a comprehensive way to import your existing materials in the form of Excel files. Similarly, an export file can also be easily generated directly from the Labregister category.

Integration with the ELN

Using our Data Elements feature, you can reference your materials directly to your ELN. Set up protocols which link directly to the Labregister inventory. Anyone accessing that protocol will be able to see the attributes of that material when they click on it.

Share Settings

Share different material lists with the team members who need to access. You will be able to have a common stock of materials while allowing individual team members to keep their own private inventories for their own stocks.


All alterations in your Labregister inventory system are recorded as different versions. If you mentioned an item in your entry, that reference will always link to the version of the item that was used, regardless of how many times it was changed afterwards. You will also be able to easily navigate to the newest version of that item.

File Attachment

Within Labregister, you can keep track of all relevant material information, including additional reference files such as chemical safety sheets in the form of PDFs or images to highlight representative patterns from antibodies.

Data Integrity

Full Audit Trail

Any changes made to an entry are recorded, stored, timestamped, and accessible in a version history. This ensures that the quality of your data is never corrupted.

Filters & Tags

Always find what you are looking for with our powerful filter tool. Retrieve your data by filtering for projects, team members, dates, and also tags that can be added to each entry and shared in projects.

Time Stamps

All your entries and projects have time stamps that provide valuable information for data creation and modification. You can also add your own time stamps based on experimental needs.

Universal and Advanced Search

Use the search tool in our digital lab notebook to find the content you are looking for in your entire research history. You can search by tags, content, title, and dates such as before, after, or range.

Set up specific conditional statements which give you the ability to narrow your search depending on the parameters you set up, for example when you used the Not1 enzyme but not Pst1 in your cloning experiment. The search tool is also able to convert SI units. For example, the tool can recognize that 0.5 gram and 500 milligrams are equal, despite being in different units.

Sign & Witness

Labfolder offers a Sign & Witness app that can be integrated for free. Our tool complies with international laboratory regulations, including FDA CFR 21 part 11.


GxP certified laboratories

Labfolder meets all requirements for the fully compliant usage in GxP certified laboratories being compliant to the requirements for electronic recording according to both Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

ISO certified laboratories

Labfolder meets all requirements for the fully compliant usage in laboratories which are certified according to ISO standards ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 15189 and ISO 17025. Labfolder also makes the transition to ISO quality management systems surprisingly easy.

FDA logo icon


Our digital signature tool is compliant to FDA CFR 21 Part 11, and witnessing functions ensure the safeguarding of intellectual property of your research.

Storage & Security


All communication between your computer and Labfolder is securely encrypted via SSL (256-bit).


You, as a scientist, permanently remain the legal owner of any data authored by you and uploaded to Labfolder. All your data will be accessible only to you unless you explicitly share it or grant access permissions to others, including Labfolder.

Cloud system

Use our servers and get 300GB of storage per user. Take advantage of free daily backups and maintenance.

Your own server

Install Labfolder on your local server and define custom storage, backups and security. Check for server requirements and you can always start using the cloud version and later migrate to your own Labfolder installation.

*Advanced version only

App Integrations

Figshare logo icon


Open access is becoming a science standard and we are ready for it. Install the free Figshare app and easily export your lab notebook to the data repository of Figshare.

Dropbox logo icon


Export your lab notebook content to Dropbox and easily share it with anyone in the world.

Labfolder API

Labfolder offers a rich API that allows for the integration of different tools, software and instruments. Read our comprehensive API documentation here.

Signature Workflows

This app streamlines the process of signing and verifying entries within collaborative projects. Signature Workflows (which can be purchased as an ELN add-on) allows to select multiple reviewers, which then have the option to approve or reject an entry. Signatures may be revoked to make an entry editable again. Get more information here.

* Only available for the advanced version

Well Plate Templates

Choose from a number of different well plate templates and start to document your multi-well experiments efficiently and easily into your lab notebook. Collect information about the applied conditions and overview the entire experiment in a composite view. Get more information here.

* Only available for the advanced version

First Class Support

Individual onboarding

Here at Labfolder, we know that every scientist has different needs with regards to a lab notebook. An individual onboarding is provided to all scientists and groups who want to use our software.

*Advanced version only

Excellent support

The Labfolder support team is composed of researchers with many years of experience in the lab and a vast knowledge about our digital lab notebook.

This team provides support 5 days a week by email and by phone. Remote support is also available.

Data Management consultancy

The integrity of your data starts with you! We offer data management consultancy to assure that all the necessary guidelines are followed seamlessly.

*Advanced version only

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