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Your research, whether in fundamental cancer biology or clinical studies, matters. People worldwide are looking for and supporting researchers with their mission to fight cancer, and so are we: Labfolder’s ELN provides the functionalities you need to record research data in a structured way whilst remaining compliant with international standards.


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A central platform for your data


Labfolder’s ELN allows you to store your research data on one platform which can be accessed from anywhere. As a cancer researcher, you are able to plan experiments, record large data sets and document results inside the electronic lab notebook.

Moreover, collaborators and fellow researchers can get easy access to experimental records.

  • Organize data based on the research question
  • Define user roles and access rights to increase confidentiality
  • Connect projects, materials and researchers


“Labfolder helps in many ways because it creates one location for information storage.”

Jennifer Montague, Director of Scientific Business Development at Carolina BioOncology


Streamline data documentation

In the fields of fundamental and clinical cancer research, it is important that data is recorded in a structured manner to ensure that scientific findings are replicable and standardized.

Labfolder allows your research team to organize, distribute and use standard operating procedures in a coherent way. Providing clear and detailed instructions in a unified manner to all team members helps to increase accuracy and reproducibility of your scientific discoveries.

  • Incorporate and share your protocols with ease
  • Upload all file formats
  • Use digital signatures to validate research
Add data to your electronic lab notebook

“Labfolder helped us standardize data documentation and also gave us the freedom to work independently of time stamping issues, which happens automatically in Labfolder as soon as an entry is created. This can be very useful in case of filing and proving our patent applications.”

Arunraj Dhamodaran, R&D Scientist at T-knife

Find your data in seconds

It is incredibly important for any scientist to ensure that data is easily retrievable. Using Labfolder’s ELN, your research data (including legacy data) is always discoverable.

You can filter for information directly in the notebook view or search through your lab notes using a number of identifiers.

  • Automatic unit conversion in Advanced Search
  • Search through uploaded files and records
  • Combine different search queries using logic gates
Labfolder Advances Search

“Using the paper-based version in our previous labs, it was quite complicated to find and recover important details from an experiment. In this regard, the ‘search function’ offered by Labfolder is quite handy.”

Arunraj Dhamodaran, R&D Scientist at T-knife

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