Find your data without a microscope

Studying the large and diverse group of microorganisms underlies a wide range of biological disciplines, from evolutionary research to modern medicine. Trends in microbiology inspire new thinking and Labfolder supports your innovative research by simplifying the way you record your findings, helping you focus on the tasks that matter.


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Record your research data on the go

The transition towards a paper-less notebook brings many challenges to research laboratories of any kind. Labfolder’s browser-based ELN provides the flexibility to access your data from an office PC or mobile devices such as tablets.

All generated research data is stored in your lab workspace. Therefore scientific findings are accessible and easily retrievable for all users.


  • Safely store your data on the Cloud or your on-premise server
  • Take photos using a tablet and save them directly into the ELN
  • Easy access for supervisors and researchers
Central platform for research data

“Our group is mostly paper-less and by providing a great input experience (for example using iPads).
Labfolder is our only lab journal where all data goes.”

Prof. Dr. Christian Jogler, Research Group Leader at Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Collaborate with your teammates

Labfolder group and project structure

Great discoveries and contributions to modern research are made by a group of scientists rather than individuals. Dedicated share and access rights allow you to recreate your team structures inside your laboratory notebook, while protecting your intellectual property.

Saving all your collectively generated research data in a single place helps you to organize and retrieve information with ease.

  • Customizable folder and project organization
  • Compliance features to ensure data integrity
  • Advanced Search and Filter for efficient data retrieval

All your research data – accessible and searchable

Labfolder provides a central platform to safely store all your research information. Data cannot be removed from the lab notebook and therefore, will never be lost. Digitally documented information can easily be retrieved using Advanced Search,Filters and data linking options.

You can get an overview of the work of former group members or search for materials used to compare the efficiency of antibiotics in different applications.

  • Filter by project, author, tags and dates
  • Search through all data as well as attached files
  • Benefit from automatic unit conversions
Labfolder Advanced Search

“It never forgets. Thanks to full text search we have all data at the fingertips even if they were collected many years ago once the student left already.”

Prof. Dr. Christian Jogler, Research Group Leader at Friedrich Schiller University Jena

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