ELN on the computer in the lab

Digital lab management in ISO certified laboratories

ISO standards, written by the International Organization for Standardization, provide requirements to ensure products and services meet the quality that...

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LabForRent Logo

Save money and gain scientific contacts – rent out your lab

LabforRent is a user-friendly, digital marketplace, connecting companies to available lab space. With this platform, you can advertise your laboratory premises...

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Microscope easter egg

Search for chocolate, not data!

There is something about an Easter egg hunt that never gets old. How could it? A magical bunny that hides...

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ELN group management

New management tools in labfolder: Project Owners and sub-administrators

Today, labfolder released several new features to enhance the tools for our users and administrators. In this article, we are...

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An ELN and your creativity

Digital peer-sharing for researchers– progress faster

Peer-sharing has always been at the heart of scientific exploration. Within the community, there has always been the assumption that...

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Migration from Quartzy to labfolder

Using Quartzy for documents or lab communication? It’s time to change to labfolder!

Last week, Quartzy decided to remove some of their tools, including Documents and Private Messages. If you were using any of...

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