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Cloud vs local Server – Where should you store your data?

As scientists, data is the most precious tool that we have in our research. Good data allows us to advance...

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Setting the Standard: FAIR & ALCOA+ in research during the pandemic

Ever wondered how the FAIR and ALCOA + principles have helped scientists during the pandemic? In this blog, we delve...

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Lesson learnt: Rising numbers of women in STEM

Female scientists are currently at the forefront of many groundbreaking research projects across the globe and despite there still being...

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How to Keep a Lab Notebook

Keeping a lab notebook to accompany activities in the lab, from making changes in protocols or simply for brainstorming ideas,...

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Academia vs Industry

Academia vs. Industry

For new doctoral graduates, one of the biggest questions that comes to mind on a career is whether they want...

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4 ways Globalization is Improving Science

Globalization of Science

Welcome to the 21st Century! We have some of the most high-tech equipment and electronics possible. From the use of...

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