Let's get digital with labfolder, Part 3: Data Retrieval

Let’s get digital! | Part 3: Data Retrieval

In our new blog series, “Let’s get digital”, we want to demonstrate how you can take your paper lab notebook...

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Let's get digital, Part 2: Easy Editing

Let’s get digital! | Part 2: Easy editing

With paper lab notebooks life is uncomplicated: you know exactly how it works - the ins-and-outs, the functionalities, the limits -...

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Let's get digital Part 1: Data Integration

Let’s get digital! | Part 1: Data Integration

There is some beautiful simplicity about the Paper Lab Notebook. You can hold it, feel the soft, soft touch of...

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OUr forum

labfolder Forum Launch!

Today we have launched a brand new labfolder forum - science is about sharing knowledge, and now you can do...

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