Introducing the New and Improved Labfolder User Interface


Making the switch from paper to digital can be simplified if the electronic lab notebook has an intuitive, organized interface. Therefore, it is our top priority to ensure that every customer has a great experience when using our electronic lab notebook (ELN). We are always looking for ways to continually improve our product and make it more user-friendly and fun to use. Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of our new and improved user interface, created to facilitate data entry and project organization, maximize user productivity and ensure our user experience is consistent across all Labforward products.

When designing the new user interface we took into consideration the feedback from our customers. We removed the light square background that people weren’t fond of and ensured that the new header design is spacious to provide a clear overview of the respective data entry. Just take a look at the before (pictured left) and after pictures and you’ll see the vast improvement!


Labfolder Electronic Lab Notebook before and after User Interface changes


Complete with a refreshing design, this new look is not only far more clear and pleasing on the eye, but it is also consistent with the designs of our other products, Laboperator and Labregister. The new product panel (pictured below), for instance, allows our customers to seamlessly navigate through all of our platforms and explore everything Labforward has to offer.

And that’s not all! Working in research and development demands flexibility in ways in which research can be documented. That’s why in this release, we have worked to significantly improve the mobile compatibility of our ELN. Now Labfolder has increased responsiveness when accessed from mobile devices, for example, you can simply upload images directly from your phone!


Labfolder ELN viewed from a phone and tablet



We aim for our platform to provide scientists with the best possible experience and facilitate research documentation. As always, we’re keen to hear our customer’s feedback, so feel free to submit thoughts or ideas to

Open Labfolder now, to explore all this recent update has to offer!

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