On the basis of scientific records

Understanding the fundamental processes of biology builds on the in-depth analysis of the composition, structure and interactions of biomolecules. This behaviour can also be directly translated to your research documentation – each piece of information needs to be recorded in an organized manner and the relation between data should be analysed accordingly.


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Access to all your data from anywhere

Labfolder is a browser-based ELN and therefore it is compatible with all operating systems and popular browsers. You can access your data anywhere in the world and always be up to date with the latest developments of your research.

Structure your data based on research projects to allow all involved scientists to have access to the relevant data at any point in time and benefit when writing up data for a publication.

  • Document the whole experiment from beginning to end
  • Upload all file formats and display images, PDFs, Word and Excel files
  • Define access rights for projects and protocols
Data Access

“Within our laboratory, Labfolder has made it much easier to share digital information (figures, text, tables…) between group members, and data is accessible from anywhere.”

Prof Dirk Linke, Research Group Leader at University of Oslo

Manage protocols in your research team

Protocols & SOPs

In the field of fundamental research, many procedures are based on standardized protocols. Often repeated procedures can be collected and managed from a dedicated page inside the ELN. Using Labfolder’s templates you can easily keep protocols up-to-date and distribute them amongst your colleagues.

Make repetitive documentation as efficient as possible and spend less time duplicating information and more time on important investigative tasks.

  • Incorporate existing protocols or create them from scratch
  • Structure SOPs for a better overview and to increase reproducibility
  • Use Well Plate Templates to easily document multi-well experiments


“Having templates in Labfolder allows for a quick way of ‘pasting’ the original protocol to the entry and making quick adjustments. This is a very traceable way and one can easily check what was changed. In the standard lab books it is not possible to write the whole protocol to every experiment.”

Dr.rer.nat. Marta Danecka, Lab Manager at University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Trace materials using the inventory

Any research laboratory manages its inventory in different ways. Labfolder’s electronic lab notebook is equipped with a built-in system to store and manage your material lists. A highly customizable structure helps you to further specify the cell strains, antibodies, chemical or other materials you are handling on a regular basis.

By linking these inventory items directly to your lab notes in the ELN, experimental documentation will be more complete. Further, this can improve the reproducibility and transparency of your research.

  • Upload existing inventories from Excel
  • Define access rights and managing roles for the Material Database
  • Benefit from a versioned inventory
Material Database

“Labfolder allows for a better and more reliable data storage and tracing of the whole experiment from beginning to end. The material database allows access to the resource lists for all the researchers and not only to those who know where the ‘Excel sheet’ is being stored.”

Dr.rer.nat. Marta Danecka, Lab Manager at University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

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