A reliable infrastructure for your data

Securely store your valuable research findings in one platform. Collecting all scientific data in one place benefits all researchers as accessibility and searchability are significantly improved. Labfolder’s ELN provides the necessary flexibility for a highly collaborative environment between a variable number of researchers.


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Share and access all generated data

Many academic institutions work with students who join laboratories only for a limited amount of time. Digital lab books offer a new flexibility to account for a high turnover in laboratory staff.

All generated research data always remains in the lab workspace. Therefore scientific findings are accessible for all users and easily retrievable. Labfolder offers a number of features to support young scientists, reaching from tasks assignment to a comment function to sufficiently discuss research data.


  • Access all your data in a single place
  • Find any data in seconds using the Advanced Search
  • Boost productivity in the lab using Messages, Tasks & To-do’s
Group Collaboration

“Labfolder holds a central position in our daily work. It has replaced the conventional lab book and helps in organising. Especially the easy sharing of information between the different group members is a huge advantage.”

Prof. Dr. Marc Armbrüster, Research Group Leader at Chemnitz University of Technology

Provide a common structure to your protocols

Labfolder protocols and SOPs

Any systematic investigation involves the repetition of experimental procedures to a certain extent. Labfolder’s ELN simplifies repetitive documentation by offering the possibility to create, manage and optimize protocols directly within your team’s workspace.

With a dedicated overview page, you can easily manage who should access each protocol.

  • Upload existing SOPs from Word
  • Benefit from protocol versioning to keep track of changes
  • Incorporate protocols in ongoing projects

“Having a proper template which asks for all necessary information makes it way easier to train new students in a good scientific practice. This also helps experienced scientists to not take shortcuts in documentation.”

Leonard Rößner, PhD Student at Chemnitz University of Technology

Manage your lab inventories in the ELN

Labfolder offers a built-in Material Database to help you manage your antibodies, cells, chemicals or other stocks. Scientists can easily link material items to the respective lab notes in the ELN, which increases reproducibility of experiments. You can clearly define access rights for individual lists and oversee which items need to be purchased or are already out of stock.

  • Upload existing inventories from Excel and keep them up-to-date
  • Track how materials are used in different experiment setups
  • Benefit from a versioned inventory
Labfolder Material Database

“We adapted the concept of a material database in Labfolder for devices that we share within the group. This allows for a easy search if you want to find all the things you or other users did on a specific device.”

André Gemeinhardt, Doctoral Student at the MPI for the Science of Light

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