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Labfolder ELN helps industry laboratories operate at their full potential, by streamlining complex processes and unifying research documentation. Compliant documentation features enable you to record various forms of research data such as tables, graphs and images, which allows you to tailor your ELN to meet your specific research requirements.


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Compliant documentation

An industry laboratory needs to ensure that it complies with a number of regulations to guarantee that research data is findable, accessible, interoperable and reproducible. Labfolder’s ELN implements international standards to support scientists in their research documentation while safeguarding their intellectual property.

Labfolder offers FDA-compliant digital signatures to ensure a fully customizable data validation process. According to organizational requirements multiple reviewers can be define to approve or reject entries. This useful tool helps industry laboratories streamline the validation process in a productive environment.


  • Compliant with FDA, HIPAA, ISO & GLP regulations
  • Ensure data integrity and intellectual property protection
  • Store research data on the Cloud or on your own local server

“Labfolder helped us a lot to standardize data documentation and gave us the freedom to work independently, e.g. time stamping happens automatically in Labfolder as soon as an entry is created. This can be very useful in case of filing and proving our patent applications.”

Arunraj Dhamodaran, R&D Scientist at T-knife

Create restricted share spaces

It can be hard to keep track of scientific data, especially when research is documented on paper or colleagues leave the team. The Labfolder ELN is designed to alleviate these issues to ensure that research remains always accessible to authorized team members.

Within Labfolder you can create groups with restricted access for authorized personnel, enabling you to keep track of who is viewing your research and who is able to review or add comments to an entry.

  • Define user roles and access rights to increase confidentiality
  • Intellectual Property protection via individual entry authorship
  • Track changes in a compliant Full Audit Trail
Labfolder Group Structure

“When everyone uses Labfolder as a place to store their data, we can access it even after they leave the company, it helps in many ways because it creates one location for information storage”

Jennifer Montague, Director of Scientific Business Development at Carolina BioOncology

Shape your data with images, graphs and tables

Within the Labfolder ELN, you are able to collate all information on one centralized platform, whether it be in the form of uploaded images, tables or graphs. It gives you the tools to shape your data with visuals that can be arranged within the entry however you see fit, giving you flexibility in how you organise your data.

Research can be shaped with Tags and Comments to provide records of important information in the form of descriptive texts, process workflows and result data.

  • Visualize PDFs, images, Word and Excel in your entry
  • Incorporate protocols in ongoing projects
  • Rearrange entry elements to adapt the layout of your data

“Labfolder provides a resource where all data, product formulations and test results can be recorded and referenced easily by all people involved in the project. But more importantly, this ELN facilitates data management by easily sorting projects according to user and reviewing the work that has been accomplished for each project.”

David Tibbitts, VP of Technical Services at Washing Systems LLC

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