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Across the scientific community, new industries aim to turn breakthrough discoveries into innovative products or solutions. While this is a challenging task, Labfolder’s ELN provides you with a set of features that will not only simplify your records, but also enable compliant documentation with little effort. Allowing you to spend more time on the important aspects and less time worrying about your records.


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Securely store your data

Take advantage of our Cloud system to safely store your research data, which is backed-up on a daily basis. Our staff will maintain and update the Labfolder ELN on a regular basis, so there’s one thing less you need to worry about. For more control, you also have the option to install Labfolder on your local server and define custom storage, backups and security.

Labfolder’s ELN further implements international standards to support scientists in their research documentation while safeguarding their intellectual property.


  • Compliant with FDA, HIPAA, ISO & GLP regulations
  • Ensure the integrity of your research data
  • Track changes in a comprehensive Full Audit Trail
Compliant Full Audit Trail

“The Cloud feature of Labfolder helps us not to worry about data back-up. It makes lab life easier, we can efficiently plan and write notes while using tablet-computers in labs and in-office space in parallel.”

Arunraj Dhamodaran, R&D Scientist at T-knife

Streamline data documentation

A central platform for your data

Providing clear and detailed instructions in a unified manner helps to increase accuracy and reproducibility of scientific discoveries.

Labfolder allows your team to organize their research records in projects. Within these, data entries and protocols can be recorded coherently. Collect data in the form of texts, process descriptions and result data. All digital file formats can be imported to the ELN, allowing scientists to store all relevant information in one single platform.

  • Connect projects, materials and researchers
  • Incorporate PDFs, images, Word and Excel files with ease
  • Structure qualitative and quantitative parameters


“Graphs, figures and descriptions remain the major way we record scientific data. This has not changed since using Labfolder. The use of templates will help with the standardization process.”

Michael Ziebell, Co-founder of Spectrus

Share and search for experimental details

Commonly, research projects are efforts of a number of people. Dedicated share and access rights allow for a collaborative work environment, while ensuring the intellectual property of the individual. Additional comment and messaging features allow for an active discussion of generated data right in the ELN.

All data remains in your group and is easily retrievable using the unique filter and Advanced Search capabilities.

  • Define user roles and access rights to increase confidentiality
  • Find specific data amongst a high volume of files and records
  • Automatic unit conversion in Advanced Search
Labfolder Advanced Search

“Labfolder enables sharing and searching for data and experimental details that was otherwise very difficult because the information was stored in locations not known to other scientists.”

Michael Ziebell, Co-founder of Spectrus

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