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Maintaining a consistent, high level of research is of notable importance in a government led laboratory environment. Regardless of the specialization, a centralized digital documentation software facilitates the thrive for transparency, accountability and efficiency. Labfolder provides not only features that simplify accessibility of research data, but also offers a centralized platform that can be tailored to meet your specific research requirements.


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Streamline data documentation

A central platform for your data

Labfolder’s electronic lab notebook facilitates all essential documentation tasks – display results side by side with your experiment descriptions, incorporate standard operating procedures with ease and attach representative data.

Scientists can easily import all file formats, preview PDF documents and extract Word and Excel files. Providing a single platform to store all relevant research data ultimately benefits the transparency.

  • Organize data based on research questions
  • Structure qualitative and quantitative parameters
  • Discuss and validate your findings directly in the ELN


“I used to spend hours taking checklists I had used in the lab, cutting them down to size, and taping them into bound notebooks. Now that I can just scan them into a PDF and add them to Labfolder, I can get right to my next task much more efficiently.”

Günther Scharnhorst, Senior Criminalist at California Department of Justice

Facilitate research data reporting and validation

In any research environment, it is important to have a reliable system which maximises every minute of your time to ensure that you hit deadlines and set targets. Something as simple as having access to your research notes in a digital format can make life in the laboratory simpler and relieve some of your daily difficulties.

Safely storing all relevant data in a single platforms holds many advantages. Researchers as well as reviewers will have access to the necessary information in one place. Further, Labfolder’s ELN helps you to streamline the validation process using FDA-compliant digital signatures.


  • Access all your data in a single place
  • Manual and automatic (API) data input
  • Define user roles and access rights to increase confidentiality
Central platform for data

“In the past, I would print results, add it to a bound notebook and mention where the original file could be located on the network. It was cumbersome.
Now I can attach the file directly to Labfolder and know that whoever is reviewing my work will immediately find it and I don’t have to be concerned that I left out a piece of data or make them hunt for it.”

Günther Scharnhorst, Senior Criminalist at California Department of Justice

Find your data in seconds

In order for governmental laboratories to run successfully, scientists need to be able to conduct standardized, compliant research and follow experimental procedures from start to finish. With the Labfolder ELN, you are able to adapt the view of your notebook, adding customizable tags to suit your specific research needs.

You are then able to filter all data, by research question or tags applied, in order to distinguish methods or track sample processing.

  • Filter the notebook to get a better overview
  • Search through uploaded files and records
  • Combine different search queries using logic gates
Labfolder Advanced Search

“I often work with robotic liquid handling platforms and frequently back up the most recent version of a script. Labfolder makes it easy for me to know which version I used on a given day because I can attach it to my experiment notes directly. I can also use the tag feature to quickly generate a list of all the versions I have used.”

Günther Scharnhorst, Senior Criminalist at California Department of Justice

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