Introducing: Advanced Rights and Roles in the newly designed MDB

Whether you work in academia or industry you will know the importance of an organized and effective laboratory inventory system. Considering this, it is not surprising that many scientists are implementing digital solutions in order to monitor laboratory supplies more efficiently. After all, a well-managed lab inventory is a crucial element to ensure data integrity, traceability of materials and increased reproducibility. This is why we have decided to update our Material Database to make it more attuned to the requirements of our users and to provide a better overall experience to all who use our inventory system.

“We decided to update our MDB to give our users the ability to record, track and monitor a large amount of data in a structured, coherent way whilst also allowing all the team members to use the same reliable source of information across the lab.”
Maxime Lienard, Product Manager at Labforward

The first, most notable change we have made to the MDB is a brand new interface. We have replaced the old visuals with new ones that display our updated product logo along with some structural changes. You just have to look at the before and after images below to see vast improvement!

We have also updated many elements to help to ease navigation and allow for greater control when creating and managing inventories. This includes a well-structured organisation panel along with an overall smarter landing page, so users can visually see their inventory lists more clearly. With all of the categories in one view, our users are less likely to create duplicate categories in different MDBs.
Furthermore, after receiving feedback from our users, we have fulfilled the need for advanced access restrictions. By implementing new rights & roles, users have more control over their lab inventory and can prevent any accidental deletion of any inventory list.

Keeping control of laboratory supplies is one of the most important steps to ensure that a laboratory is productive and organized. Labfolder’s MDB ensures not only that your inventory list is secure and structured, but most importantly, that any team member can access their MDB’s digitally and link it to their ELN. Our new rights and roles feature provides greater oversight and control for the user, improving the overall experience! This is the first step of many; adding new features to our MDB will offer a new level of flexibility so our users can tailor the MDB for their specific research requirements.

“The first step of building a next-generation inventory system was to implement new material design. This will not only significantly improve the end-user experience, but it will also allow the engineering team to introduce new features faster.”
Murat Toprak, Labfolder Engineer for MDB Developments

We are certain that any laboratory will benefit from Labfolder’s Material Database. And it’s free for any Labfolder ELN user!

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