Whitepaper: Digital lab notebooks and intellectual property protection

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Every year on the 26th April, The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) celebrates the World IP Day, with the aim to share knowledge about the role intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyright) play in encouraging innovation and creativity.

Last week, we published an article on how Labfolder can increase your creativity, and now we want to take it to the next stage in the process: how to protect your inventions and ideas.

Securing intellectual property is crucial to any innovative organization that seeks commercialization of their inventions and derived products.

Although essential, awareness and knowledge of the subject are sparse. Which is why, as today is World Intellectual Property, we want to share the wisdom, to make sure that the rightful owner can claim ownership of their invention.

Our whitepaper on the subject of patenting in Europe and the United States is available to download here.

In the document, we discuss the legal systems that govern patenting in these two regions of the world, including the ways existing patents can be challenged and how you can ensure that your invention is secured.

We also explore how digital laboratory notebooks, like Labfolder, aid in this process, and facilitate the protection of your intellectual property.

Just click here to learn how you can protect your intellectual property and make it more secure with Labfolder. 

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