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What’s inside your electronic lab notebook (ELN)

Data entry & integration

All your data in one place

  • Create text or import Word documents
  • Create tables or import Excel files
  • Generate graphs from your data
  • Transfer data from lab devices
  • Upload and store all files formats
  • View and annotate images
  • Draw and export sketches
  • Structure your data with Data Elements

Add data to your electronic lab notebook

Data Retrieval

Find your data in seconds

  • Everything is searchable in labfolder
  • Organize your entries with tags
  • Filter results by project, author, or date
  • Search the text content of your entries
  • Retrieve data stored in attachments
  • Find experiments by material/equipment used
  • Advanced search with unit conversions & logic gates

Find your data in labfolder

Team Collaboration

The platform for successful teamwork

  • Transfer your protocols and SOPs to labfolder
  • Share templates with selected team members
  • Select projects you want to collaborate on
  • Message your team members
  • Leave comments on a notebook entry
  • Administrators can define levels of access
  • Manage user accounts, groups & projects
  • Flexible structure to suit your lab

collaborate in real time with your scientists

Data integrity & security

Secure and compliant

  • SSL Encryption & Daily Backups
  • Every change is tracked and time stamped
  • Full Audit Trail with version history
  • Digital signatures for Signing & Witnessing
  • Used by GxP and ISO certified laboratories
  • FDA and HIPAA compliance
  • Full control and ownership of your data
  • Available on Cloud or On-Premise Server

labfolder is compliant with FDA, ISO and GxP

Inventory Management

Manage inventory with ease

  • Register your purchased and lab-made plasmids, antibodies, reagents, etc.
  • Update stock attributes and availability
  • Link to your inventory from your notes

Manage your inventory in labfolder

What really smart scientists say about Labfolder

Group leader
Lab Manager
Managing Director
IT Admin
Group leader

"Labfolder holds a central position in our daily work. It has replaced the conventional electronic lab notebook especially the easy sharing of information."


Dr. Marc Armbruster, TU Chemnitz


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"It has allowed us to virtually eliminate paper in our record keeping processes, and enables us to collaborate on the same project with greater ease regardless of where we are working from."


Kelsey Moody, Ichor Therapeutics


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Lab Manager

"It is a well organized and easy to use platform, where all data are easily retrievable, enabling us to work much more proficiently."

    marta danecka   

Dr. Marta Danecka, UKE Hamburg


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"Labfolder has completely replaced the physical lab journal we were using. It enables us to work more efficiently and streamlines a lot of our workflow."


Dr. Jochen Beck, Geistlich Pharma


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Managing Director

"Labfolder enables us to adhere to a regulated environment with ease whilst conducting our research, because the platform is already compliant with FDA, ISO and GLP regulatory standards."


Thomas Grewing, Anchor Diagnostics


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IT Admin

"Labfolder offers elements I need to structure and tag my data with, and the ability to easily share it amongst colleagues in a manner that I see fitting."


Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Przesdzing, Charité


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