What does a Content Manager do?

The title “Content Manager” somehow doesn’t carry the same buzz as “Public Relations Manager” or “Inbound-Marketeer”. When you’re fresh out of college, searching for a job, it’s more about marketing, marketing, marketing. You can easily miss all the different angles and elements that also fit under the Marketing Umbrella.

One major part of the marketing category in Inbound Marketing, in fact, it’s “downright essential” for 2016. And what fuels inbound marketing? The content that generates it.

Let’s take a look at this visual representation of customer conversion:


Source: Hubspot

Have you seen the amount of content that is needed to convert a customer? Blog, social publishing, forms, landing pages, surveys, smart content and social monitoring are all the responsibility of the Content Team – and that’s not even the half of it.

Content also covers the design and written text of the website, newsletters, whitepapers, content for events, creating videos, infographics, visual content and any other ways to communicate in writing with potential and current customers. The job is also about forming relationships with influencers or websites. This is with the goal of sponsored content being placed there to get the firm’s name out there.

Content greatly impacts a company’s brand image. If done well, it lifts the entire company and makes it look great to the outside world. If done poorly, it damages the company reputation as well as the quality of its product(s) or service(s). Inbound marketing “attracts” or brings the customer to you, rather than expending your efforts on outbound campaigns.

And, because it affects the company’s branding, it means a content manager is always searching for new, innovative ways to reach people. This bit of the job makes it hugely creative. It’s not enough to simply copy competitors and follow a generic route of advertising your company – you’ve got to find something new and unique to create a brand. A new angle, a new channel, a new approach to getting people to think of your product or service in a new light.

Want to give it a try and see what content management is really like?

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