Let’s get digital! | Part 6: Your Data Everywhere

In our new blog series, “Let’s get digital”, we want to demonstrate how you can take your paper lab notebook and easily translate it into a digital format. And, it goes further than translating – we also want to show the extra advantages that digitizing your data can bring.

We have discussed data integration, editing in a digital lab notebook, retrieving dataprotocols & templates and team collaboration before, and, the last part of this series is about taking all these features everywhere!

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Digital lab notebook apps

Take your experiments with you using our mobile apps, available for iOS and Android. To a conference, a meeting,  a … beach! Upload photos to labfolder directly from your device,  jot down notes or keep up to date with your team member’s results.

Your phone turns into your lab book on-the-go – you no longer need to be tied to the lab. All the data you produce still belongs to the lab but it is now accessible wherever there is an Internet connection.

Access your data from any browser

As well as having a mini, portable lab book,  with the labfolder Cloud Version, you can use any Internet browser to see your experiments. No installation required, just log in using your labfolder credentials and get access to all your projects.

Record your data in any location, collaborate with anyone in any country – the Cloud Version gives you the opportunity to be flexible. It also means less “misplaced” data, or notes left on the kitchen table. Dogs can’t eat your homework anymore – it’s all safe, uneaten and accessible on the labfolder platform.

Make your data mobile

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