Using Quartzy for documents or lab communication? It’s time to change to labfolder!

Last week, Quartzy decided to remove some of their tools, including Documents and Private Messages. If you were using any of these tools in Quartzy, now is the perfect time to take a look at labfolder.

Quartzy is one of the most popular choices for all lab scientists who are looking for a smart tool to digitize their lab inventory – it offers a bunch of really useful features while being absolutely free. As Quartzy wants to focus its attention more on the inventory and sample management in the lab, auxiliary services, like documents and a lab messaging system, have been discontinued.

If you miss using Quartzy for Documents and Private Messages, labfolder is the place to go to store your laboratory notes!

labfolder is a digital lab notebook that allows researchers to record their lab experiments and integrate all their data – whether generated digitally or not. Our platform is used by thousands of researchers and offers lab-optimized tools that can make your life easier. In particular, the labfolder platform provides you with:

  • Faster data recording
  • Several communication tools
  • Import and export of  Word, Excel, Images and PDFs documents
  • Quicker and simpler documentation of recurring protocols
  • Easier recovery and reuse of data and better knowledge management
  • Simple archiving and creation of reports
  • Advanced search and filtering to navigate easily in a mass of data
  • Image integration and annotation
  • Automatic tracking of authorship
  • A Full Audit Trail for all documents
  • Data safeguarding to prevent the loss of data
  • Digital signatures compliant to CFR 21 Part 11, including the Four-Eyes-Principle

If you liked Documents and Messages in Quartzy, here is how labfolder can help you:





If you uploaded documents to Quartzy, labfolder is the best solution for you. In our platform, you can create documents within the digital lab notebook, including all your images and data files. You can also upload documents from Word, Excel or PDF directly to a lab notebook,  and view or extract their content within the platform.

Any document can be stored as a protocol template and shared between colleagues or the entire team.


Research is teamwork – that is why labfolder allows you to work and collaborate on a single platform. You can take advantage of three distinct, but complementary, collaboration tools: Comments, Messages and Tasks.




Comments is an in-notebook communication feature that allows you to exchange messages directly about your data. The comment option is fantastic when you want to discuss a specific step in a protocol or when you have a question about a particular entry in the lab notebook.

Comments can be made and read by anyone who has access to the shared documents and replies can also be given directly on the data. Once the issue has been resolved you can just delete the whole conversation (but not the data).

Why exchange emails or communicate another way, when you can discuss it directly on the data?






The labfolder Messages tool allows you to communicate directly in labfolder. Messages can be exchanged between two or more people, even up to the entire lab. You can use this tool to easily converse on topics like stocks management,  equipment maintenance and any other general matters.




In our Tasks tool, you can plan tasks for yourself, assign tasks to others, follow up on the task development, and see when the task has been completed. This can help you to keep track of your own tasks and organize and streamline common everyday tasks – for example, lab duties.

For this reason, Tasks can be used, not only to create a personal experimental To-Do list, but also to create a Task schedule accessible to the entire group.


See for yourself! Just like Quartzy, labfolder is free – simply sign-up for an account at

If you’re interested in learning more about a licensed version for teams larger than 3 people, let us know! We’d love to show you what labfolder can do for you in a free pilot.

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