Save money and gain scientific contacts – rent out your lab

LabforRent is a user-friendly, digital marketplace, connecting companies to available lab space. With this platform, you can advertise your laboratory premises and reach out to many companies.

Not everyone has an established network for finding the right laboratory space. This applies to start-ups and foreign companies in particular. To solve this problem, LabForRent clearly displays which laboratories are available for rental. By letting out your vacant laboratory, you gain not only money but also the opportunity to form new business contacts and collaborate and combine your innovative forces.

LabForRent (2014) connects Life Sciences companies and promotes cooperation and innovation between them. It is the first ever professional digital platform that connects supply and demand for laboratories. The digital marketplace gives an overview of all the laboratories available, not only within companies but also in incubators and science parks. If you are on the lookout for a lab, you can find one on


What can you gain by renting out your laboratory?

  • Rental income
  • Collaborating and combining your innovative forces


What are the advantages of using LabForRent?

  • The right target group can find your science park or laboratory,
  • Interested parties can contact you directly,
  • No contract or commission; you only pay for the advertising costs,
  • Your advertisement stays online for at least a year,
  • You can modify the advertisement while it is already on the site,
  • The platform is user-friendly and always accessible,
  • For all companies, local or abroad.

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