New management tools in labfolder: Project Owners and sub-administrators

Today, labfolder released several new features to enhance the tools for our users and administrators. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at two new user levels that are now available in our platform: Project Owners and Sub-Administrators.

 Project Owners


Each project already always had an owner but, until now, this ownership was restricted to the creator of the respective project. Starting today, our Project Management page offers two new distinct features: a visual and a functional one.

As a group admin, you will be able to see immediately on the Project Page who is the owner of every project in your group and the last time that the project was updated.


Project owners and last updates are now visible in the main Project Page

To ensure the continuity of laboratory projects, it might be necessary to transfer projects between lab members. For this reason, you can now change the ownership of the projects according to your needs.



To confirm the change in ownership, you will just need to scroll down until you find the group member that you want to set as owner. Click on “Set as owner” that is visible in front of that person’s name and press Ok



As a normal team member, you will see, on your Project Page, the projects that you own and the ones that are shared with you. In the latter situation, you will also be able to see who is the respective owner of that project.

Please note that once you transfer ownership of the project, the previous owner will no longer be able to:

  • Share the project
  • Rename the project
  • Remove the project
  • Change the owner

To demonstrate how easy it is now to change ownership of projects, we created a video tutorial that highlights this process as an Admin and as a Project Owner.




Some labs tend to grow just as large in size as bacteria grow in LB agar plates. Usually, to maintain a proper workflow between all the scientists, group leaders rely on the creation of smaller teams (sub-groups), which are coordinated by another member in the lab.

Starting today, these members can now be “upgraded” to sub-administrators and several can the assigned to the same sub-group. They will have access to the same tools as the Administrator,  but only within their sub-group. For obvious reasons, more general settings like “Prevent group members from deleting content” or “Prevent group members from having private projects” cannot be changed by these sub-administrators.


Now each sub-group can have one or more sub-administrators

These two new features provide a new level of organization to labfolder. We are confident that they will help users to organize their laboratory better both in terms of Groups and of Projects.

Do you want to try this new feature and others? Start using labfolder for free!

If you have any queries or suggestions, we would love to hear your opinion! Send us an email with the address

feedback (at) labfolder (dot) com

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