Simplify Sample Tracking with Labregister Barcodes

Barcodes are commonly used by many industries as a versatile way to track items, but also to store product-specific information. In laboratory environments, they are becoming more frequent, because they significantly improve the process of tracking samples and equipment. By introducing barcodes to our built-in inventory manager, Labregister goes one step further in enabling scientists to easily manage their inventory lists and items within their electronic lab notebook.


The implementation of a barcode-based lab inventory can accelerate the entire inventory management process and ultimately, increase efficiency. Highlighting the obvious first, barcodes can serve as a compact way of storing relevant information about any material item. In this way, they allow scientists to comprehensively label even the smallest vials or tubes. Combined with the appropriate tools to retrieve and organize the material specifications, Labregister facilitates the display of such barcode information.




Using barcodes of the code 128 or data matrix type, scientists can now incorporate this technology into their materials. While the barcodes are continuing to develop, Labregister supports scientists and helps to streamline the flow of information attached to any materials or equipment.


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