The Importance of Customer Satisfaction to labfolder

At labfolder, we value customer satisfaction and feedback. We strive to regularly ask our clients how happy they are with our Electronic Lab Notebook and how we can improve it to meet their expectations. That’s why we are ecstatic to announce our industry-leading Net Promoter Score (a common tool to measure customer experience) as a reflection of the continuous dedication to our customers.

NPS measures client satisfaction by asking: How likely are you to recommend a company, brand or product to a friend or colleague? An NPS that is greater than 50 is excellent hence we were thrilled to announce our high-ranking score of 59. What’s more important is that our score is a 13% improvement than in the previous year. Not only are we listening to our customers, but we are constantly trying to improve upon their suggestions.

With support services that run for 24 hours during working days and an average response time of 1 hour 56 min (in 2018), labfolder takes great efforts to fully support ELN users worldwide. Our scientists can contact our support team (entirely composed by former scientists) via email or using the in-tool contact form with all requests being further assessed and evaluated by our product team. Once the bug is fixed or new features implemented, the user who reported the issue will be notified by us.

Since day one, our team has been working towards a more seamless ELN experience. Taking into consideration the requests of scientists and updating our ELN to meet their demands, we are proud that our work has been recognized. As we continue to prioritise customers first and foremost, the significant increase in our support rating strengthens our commitment to deliver the best customer experience in the market.

Last year, we launched our first NPS survey and asked our customers for suggestions on improvement “Many of our customer requests were implemented, and we are glad to see that customer satisfaction has increased as a result,” says Dr. Anne Kriegel, Head of Customer Success at labfolder.

Moreover, our high customer satisfaction rate is demonstrated through our ever-growing collection of case studies from satisfied clients over the years. Our Customer Case Studies are updated yearly on our website to improve our transparency with our customers.

If you would like to read more about our PR with regards to our NPS, click here.

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