New in labfolder: Introducing the Signature Workflows App

Nowadays, data integrity and compliance is one of the most important topics in scientific research in which we believe that an ELN must play a central role in. After receiving feedback from a large number of scientists we understood that it was necessary to go one step further to assist with the process of validating research data.

“It’s always a stellar experience hearing from scientists that use our product, and being able to use their direct input to reshape labfolder in a way that better suits their needs is especially rewarding. I’m thrilled to have taken part in the strategy of development of our new app and am delighted for Signature Workflows to be implemented into new scientific research!”
Priscila Zuazo, Product Owner at labfolder

Our new app, Signature Workflows, streamlines the process of signing and verifying entries within collaborative projects. This is especially beneficial  for industry clients or institutes that follow complex validation processes. Signature Workflows does hold some similarities to another app available, Sign and Witness. Here are the main differences between the two apps:

FeaturesSign & WitnessSignature Workflows
FDA Compliant
Follows GLP Guidelines
Full Audit Trail
Intellectual Property Protection
Customize Signature Workflows per Project(s)
Define Author(s) of any Given Signature
Revoke Signatures
Unlimited Number of Witnesses per Entry
Accept or Reject Entries when Witnessing
Predefined Comments, Tags, and Actions
Move Entries to Other Projects (Departments)


As the table highlights, our new app, Signature Workflows (which can be purchased as an ELN add-on) offers a vast set of novel features when compared to the Sign & Witness app. Our goal is to make the validation process as efficient as possible while still adhering to GxP guidelines and upholding the integrity of your research. Scientists that require multiple colleagues’ inputs and opinions on entries will find this especially useful. Signature Workflows makes it easier to verify your research so you can spend more time making scientific discoveries.


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