A redesigned filter tool to improve your data retrieval

Filtering through your data to find the right part can take a long time. You could better use this time for more important things; like your experiments. With labfolder, you’ve been able to quickly filter through your notebook already, but now we’ve revamped the design. It’s looking sleeker and has a few brand new features.

New Filter Features

  • Projects
  • Authors
  • Tags
  • Dates


First, we have the Projects tab where you can choose particular projects to look at. These can be individual, group projects or sub-projects. As before, the projects are ordered alphabetically and the project files can be collapsed by clicking on the folder title, making the list less cluttered to look through.

Left: Before, Right: Now


The next tab is Authors, allowing you filter by the person who created an entry. Not only is there a new look to the list but you can now also collapse the subgroups, again allowing less clutter when looking over the lists.

Left: Before, Right: Now


The Tags tab is now not only numerically and alphabetically ordered, but the tags are now also categorized. Instead of one endless list of tags, you have a number of categories, from 1-10 and A-Z. When you start typing in the tags search bar, the list will start reducing to the tags containing the letters/numbers you have typed.

Left: Before, Right: Now


In the Dates tab, the layout has been redesigned to fit with the rest of the new tab styles and to take up less screen space when it’s open. You can also now name your custom dates and then search for them under the custom dates filtering section, making them easier to find.

Left: Before, Right: Now

Try out the new Filter design

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