Looking back at our user workshop

If you could build your digital lab notebook exactly how you wanted, which features would you add? What would help you to document your experiments better? Which tools would encourage you to take better, high-quality notes?

This, and much much more, is what was discussed at our user workshop. A mixture of talks from great speakers, visions communicated by the labfolder team, and workshops buzzing with ideas and feedback, all related to the digital lab notebook.

20160602-UW (10)

Normally, in the labfolder office, we listen to our users’ feedback and hear great things, but it is completely different to talk to someone face-to-face. Speaking to dedicated users, as well as people who are new to the field of digital lab notebooks, makes it possible to create and tweak our product exactly how our users want and need it – after all, no-one knows labfolder better than the scientists using it on a daily basis.

But the workshop was more than exploring ideas – it was also about creating the labfolder community. Suggestions weren’t just put on the table, but users interacted with each other to improve on and clarify their thoughts. It was a chance for our users to come together with the labfolder team to work out how their wishes and requests could become a reality.  

20160602-UW (38)

We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did, and if you were not able to come, don’t worry! We are planning more user workshops in the future. If you would like to get involved in our next workshop, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can reserve you a spot. Just email tomas.fonseca@labfolder.com.

Check out our user workshop infographic here and more information on the workshop can be found here.

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