Advance inventory records with Labregister’s new file attachment feature

The ability to retrieve all relevant information about laboratory materials, resources and devices from a central inventory system can help save a scientist valuable time and effort. Working in a laboratory, an environment that demands high levels of organization and accuracy of the information, it is very important that specific details pertaining to a material are stored alongside an item. This could be to attach MSDS’s (material safety data sheet), product specification sheets, JPEGs (image files of representative staining patterns) or sequence maps to inventory items. By introducing file attachments to our built-in inventory management system Labregister, the process of material and item identification and description is unified within our Electronic Lab Notebook.

The implementation of the file attachment feature can accelerate the entire inventory management process significantly increasing oversight of lab materials. Each item can be complemented with as many files as needed, you can also attach any file type. Like the Labfolder ELN, there is no limit to the number or type of files added, only, file size is limited to 25MB. Word and Excel files can be downloaded whilst image and PDF files can be previewed, allowing a researcher to have all relevant details pertaining to a specific item in one central location.

Ultimately, this feature offers further opportunities for inventory management, allowing scientists to store all inventory-related documents in a central location, facilitating organization and oversight in the laboratory environment. In this way, Labregister is continuing to help scientists streamline their inventory management processes.


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