Bonjour! labfolder is now trilingual

New year, new language! Kicking off 2017 with a brand-new language that is immediately available to all our cloud users. We traveled to our neighboring country and adopted the language de l’amour for our ELN.

Working in digital lab notebook should be easy, almost intuitive… like your mother tongue! Last year we were extremely proud to be the first digital lab notebook to offer more than one language in its tool.

Being a Berlin-based company, we started with German and immediately committed to adding languages to our ELN in the future. The feedback we received was overwhelming. It can be said that English is the language of science. But we know our German scientists were thrilled to be able to use their digital lab notebook in their native language.



Your opinion matters

When deciding on the next language we asked our scientists for your suggestions and over 25% requested to have labfolder in French. Since your opinion matters to us, we focused on translating every single line of text to French. We created the necessary conditions to further support this language in all current and upcoming features of our digital lab notebook.

Interested in changing the language to French? Click in the button below to learn how!

Change labfolder's language

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