labfolder signs agreement with the Berlin Institute of Health

We are proud to announce that labfolder has a new partnership with the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH)! BIH includes over 4,000 researchers from Charité and The Max Delbrück Center.

BIH and labfolder have signed a contract for organization-wide use of the digital laboratory data management software labfolder. This means that all laboratories and scientists working with BIH will be able to use labfolder in their research to optimize data recording and management.

We are not alone in our passion for data digitization here at labfolder, Professor Ulrich Dirnagl, Head of the Department of Experimental Neurology at Charité and Founding Director of the Center for Transforming Biomedical Research at the BIH stated: “Data quality is critical for the success and reproducibility of research,”. He continued that “Adopting labfolder’s lab notebook is, therefore, part of BIH’s quality initiative. It introduces a uniform digital standard that meets the rules of Good Scientific and Laboratory Practice. The new electronic lab notebook also enables documentation to meet the requirements of international regulatory authorities. This improves the quality of research data, which ultimately facilitates the translation of research results.”

It is great to be a part of the movement of data to digital in large research organizations. With one of BIH’s focuses, in fact, being digitization, they will now be able to enhance every aspect of how they handle data with labfolder. Now, the researchers will be able to immediately input their data into the digital notebook, making the data easier to come back to later.

Are you a Berlin Institute of Health researcher interested in having labfolder implemented in your lab or institute? Please do not create an account in, since a dedicated server can be installed in your institute. Click through to our BIH registration page here. If you have questions specific to using labfolder at BIH, send us an email to

If you are interested in learning more about how labfolder can help bringing scientific data management to faculties and large institutions across countries and continents, get in touch!

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