Boost efficiency in the lab using Labfolder’s templates!



Whether you work in an academic or industrial research environment, commonly used methods will always be collected in the form of protocols or SOPs.

This webinar session will provide you with an overview of Labfolder’s capabilities to recreate or simply import your existing protocols. After covering the basics we will delve into our best tips and tricks on how to optimize the use of the Labfolder templates to make routine procedures more efficient and easy to use!

Everyone can learn from this in-depth session on Labfolder templates, but it is especially beneficial to lab managers and people in charge of the optimization and distribution of protocols and SOPs amongst the lab members.


Things you’ll learn:

  • Create protocols from scratch or import existing SOPs
  • Structure experiments for better overview and usability
  • Increase productivity by reusing common protocols
  • Higher reproducibility through access of up-to-date SOPs
  • Best practices on Labfolder templates

Meet the speakers:

Katharina Marx – Customer Success Manager at Labforward

Hi, I am Katharina. As a success manager at Labforward I am supporting customers in the optimal implementation of Labfolder by supporting them with training sessions. Before joining Labforward, I worked in various biochemical as well as biotechnological laboratories. Starting out working with traditional notebooks before using ELNs myself, I am convinced that ELNs are the future for modern labs as they make daily work and collaboration so much easier.


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