Design and execute experiments using Digital Workflows!



Documentation is one of the most time intensive and error-prone activities in the lab. Laboperator provides a tool to connect lab devices and software systems (such as an electronic lab notebook) in one platform. In this process of lab automation, scientists are guided through an experimental workflow and data is documented ‘on-the-go’.

This webinar session will provide insights on the usage of Labfolder templates. Moreover, the Laboperator laboratory execution system will be used to perform the experimental process described in this protocol. In a hand-free approach devices can be controlled, result measurements will be taken in real-time and transferred back into the Labfolder ELN.

This short introduction of Laboperator is aimed at anyone interested in a fully connected lab and may be especially beneficial for managers of industry laboratories as it offers possibilities for a fully compliant workflow execution and experimental documentation. Additionally, Laboperator can also serve as a platform for general lab monitoring purposes.

Things you’ll learn:

  • Use protocols in your Labfolder digital lab book
  • Create a digital workflows from experimental steps
  • Execute a workflow in the Laboperator platform
  • Automatically transfer data from lab devices into the ELN

Meet the speaker:

Jan-Marten Buch – Business Development Manager at Labforward

Jan is an expert for the Laboperator, the Laboratory Execution System. He supports the development of the Laboperator product from the early beginnings. As an industrial engineer he works at the interface of technical and business related aspects. On product level he is our expert for workflow design and implementation.

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