Find data in seconds using the Filter and Search options!



Every scientist knows how time-consuming it can be, trying to find some piece of data from a long time ago or even just something a colleague has done.

In this session, we will show you the benefits of a digital lab notebook. General filtering options, as well as Advanced Search functionalities, allow you to get a quick overview of things or simply to find this one piece of data you had been looking for.

In this webinar we are showing one of the basic advantages of an ELN, everyone who ever struggled with finding lab notes will benefit from this session.

Things you’ll learn:

  • Using Filter options to overview your research
  • Filter vs Advanced Search
  • Unit conversions and searching through files
  • Increase productivity by finding data in seconds

Meet the speakers:

Dr. Anne KriegelHead of Customer Success at Labforward

Anne gained her research experience during her doctoral thesis at the University of Heidelberg and research trips to England and Brazil. At Labforward she supports customers in the optimal implementation of Labfolder, she is convinced that ELNs bring great advantages in modern laboratories.


Jacek Antkowiak – Customer Success Specialist at Labforward

Before joining Labforward Jacek graduated with a biotechnology master’s degree. He decided to pursue his career path in close connection to science and researchers. As a Customer Success Specialist for the Labfolder ELN software, he helps our customers make the most of the digital lab book in their work.

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