Going digital increases data integrity

Errors & non-reproducible results leading to paper retractions can be prevented

Your entire scientific career relies on data with good quality. Hopefully you will never have to get a paper retracted, but honest mistakes do happen and are, in fact, on the rise. Take important steps to prevent this by improving your data recording and management practices. With labfolder’s ELN, you can prevent common data integrity issues and keep your career goals on track.

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No one forgets their first published paper. After years of hard work, you get ecstatic when the journal’s editor sends the final email confirming the paper is accepted for publication. Imagine now how you would feel if that paper was one of the 600 per year that gets retracted due to bad data quality?

Data integrity is one of the most important topics in research nowadays and you need to ask yourself: “Are you doing everything possible to ensure the integrity of your data?” The answer is probably ‘no’ because you are still trapped in a system that relies on paper lab notebooks for data recording and management. How will you reproduce someone’s data if you cannot understand the calligraphy? How can you be certain that all information in your paper is accurate without access to your collaborators’ lab notebooks?

You want to change the world, so don’t let misinterpreted handwriting or a lack of diligent data recording pull you down. Use the tools you need to get ahead.

The importance of labfolder during your PhD

At labfolder, we take data integrity very seriously. Our electronic lab platform allows easy recording of all your experiment inputs and results, allowing you to be confident in your findings. You can organize your data by projects, allow others to check for mistakes, and receive important feedback. You can invite collaborators to specific projects and make sure everyone is keeping an accurate record of all their procedures and findings. In the end, your supervisor can validate your electronic lab notebook and make sure you are on the right track.


What our scientists say about labfolder

“Paper-based lab books are cumbersome to write in and a nightmare to keep track of in the long run. With more and more research data being digital, it is much more intuitive to record experiments in a digital format too.”

Mate Ravasz, PhD.

Mate Ravasz, PhD.
Postdoctoral research associate, University of Edinburgh

“Supervision of several students working on their thesis is one of the duties of a PhD student. Using Labfolder makes it much easier to keep track of the daily work in the lab and also helps me organize my own research.”

Leonard Rößner

Dr. Leonard Rößner 
Postdoctoral research associate, TU Chemnitz

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How labfolder improves your data integrity

labfolder checkbox iconImplementing labfolder in your research takes you a step up in following Good Laboratory and Manufacturing Practices. All the features of labfolder contribute to following them.

labfolder signature iconOne of these GxP features is the Sign & Witnessing app within labfolder. Once data is signed and witnessed, it cannot be changed. This further ensures the integrity of your data.

labfolder bin iconData cannot be deleted from the lab notebook. This means that everything generated throughout the research process is visible.

icon quick applicationTime and date stamps are automatically added to all entries and projects in labfolder. This gives you one less thing to think about while improving your data’s integrity.

icon full audit trailThe date and time stamps not only appear on entries when they are created, but they collect to form a full audit trail. It displays if any edits were made to entries and who made them.

labfolder apps icon

Within the platform there are apps such as Figshare and Dropbox, which aid in keeping track of references, storing, and importing data and sharing your files, respectively.

Data integrity is the key for great discoveries.

Additional labfolder benefits


Increase the productivity of your team through digitization. Save time and paper that can be better spent optimizing your workflow.

Communication Tools

Communication tools within labfolder’s lab book not only makes it faster to get a message around to your team, but it further fosters collaboration. This allows for better communication between the scientists, as well as between you and them.

Material Database

The material database helps you in data management, allowing you to keep track of all the supplies and equipment in the lab. Now you can easily edit supply levels as you are working since they are on the same platform as your data.

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