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Using a digital lab notebook has endless benefits for your PhD. Starting and successfully finishing a PhD is a marathon spanning several years, but you will always feel like you are running out of time. By using Labfolder, you will be able to expedite your documentation and focus on what you really love to do: being in the lab, running experiments. 

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A successful PhD is all about being able to multitask and stay organized. But it is not so easy, is it?  The handwritten protocol is not working again and you are not sure whether to use nM or mM. You need to reproduce an experiment but you are still struggling to understand the description you found in the paper notebook from a former lab member. You need to keep a daily record of your digital data on your paper notebook but doing so is extremely time-consuming. On top of that, there is no easy way to find your own data (post-its and flipping pages are not really a solution) and it is even harder to share your findings with your lab members and get important feedback… Time is ticking and you are struggling to boost your productivity and succeed!


Labfolder was designed by scientists for scientists and is all about making your life as PhD student easier and more productive. Our electronic lab notebook allows you to manage your data like never before, ensuring that you keep track of your daily lab activities accurately, effortlessly, and quickly, and to easily access your data and protocols. You can view and efficiently manage all your projects and data in one single location. Remember the post-its and flipping pages? Labfolder replaces that for an advanced tags & filter tool and a search button.

Give yourself more time to work on your experiments and make breakthrough discoveries.

What our scientists say about Labfolder

“Paper-based lab books are cumbersome to write in and a nightmare to keep track of in the long run. With more and more research data being digital, it is much more intuitive to record experiments in a digital format too.”

Mate Ravasz, PhD.

Mate Ravasz, PhD.
Postdoctoral research associate, University of Edinburgh

“Supervision of several students working on their thesis is one of the duties of a PhD student. Using Labfolder makes it much easier to keep track of the daily work in the lab and also helps me organize my own research.”

Dr. Leonard Rößner

Dr. Leonard Rößner 
Postdoctoral research associate, TU Chemnitz

How Labfolder expedites your PhD research

icon labfolder tabletKeep all the workflows digital. There is no need to print off data to glue it in your paper lab notebook. Save paper, effort, and time by keeping all the data in your pocket.

labfolder template iconCreate and easily reuse all your protocols inside your ELN. You can also share them with your colleagues and create a common repository for your laboratory.

labfolder search icon

Easily retrieve your N=1 and N=2 with our search and filter tools. Spend less time leafing through pages and just type into a search bar instead.

labfolder databese safe iconAccess your lab book everywhere. Whether you are doing some experiments in another laboratory or going to a conference, now you can see and edit your data on the go.

labfolder tasks icon

Have an overview of all the projects you are working on. You don’t need several notebooks to record all your collaborations because you can now have them in a single place.

labfolder patent icon

Always follow Good Laboratory Practices! labfolder lets you manage your data faster and better. A full audit trail is available and no data can be deleted from your notebook.

Use Labfolder and spend more time doing research

Additional Labfolder benefits

Collaboration in real time

With Labfolder, you can collaborate in real time with your internal and external colleagues. Get a grip on your different projects by knowing, at all time, what are the latest developments by your partners.

Data Integrity

Over 600 papers are retracted every year due to data inconsistencies. By having all your projects in a digital format and with data from all your collaborators, you can reduce the risks of your paper being retracted.

Organize your research

After obtaining a PhD, you will end with thousands of data points from dozens of different projects. If you start organizing your data today, you can avoid unnecessary stress in the future.

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