Robust research requires collaboration

Discuss your experiments in real-time with your team and accelerate your PhD

During your research you will most likely need to collaborate with your peers. Scientific studies show that the average number of authors per research paper has increased from 1.90 to 5.67 in the last 40 years. However, most researchers can recall some projects during which team work was reduced to chaotic task management and unclear progress. Discover how Labfolder enables a conducive collaboration environment through its project management tools.

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You cannot conclude a PhD alone

As a PhD student, you want breakthrough discoveries, but there are time constraints. Ideally, you can team up with fellow lab members to speed up your research. You would collaborate with experts from different fields to widen the scope. It is all exciting until you start getting lost. You are struggling to keep track on progress, how to efficiently share data you added to your paper notebook, protocols, give feedback and keep everyone involved in the loop. There are so many projects running in parallel and so many people involved; it is tricky to establish effective on-going communications. In regular life we use multiple social media platforms to do this; what about using this in the lab too?

Labfolder puts all your collaborations in a single place – your lab notebook

Two heads are better than one; it could not be more true in science. Working together is key for innovative discoveries, which is why Labfolder was created. As scientists, we know how important teamwork can be for your research. In this digital world, everyone is connected, the shift in how we communicate has been massive. Social media has brought us together, keeping people in touch. And we, Labfolder, are bringing scientists together; connecting laboratories.

Using Labfolder, the electronic lab notebook, you can easily keep track of all results from a project and get input from all the involved members (internal or external). With our features, you can maintain effective, on-going communications with all collaborators that potentiate new findings. Share a project with your collaborators and lab members and make sure everyone has access to data, issues and gives you important feedback on how to proceed.

What our scientists say about Labfolder

“We are working mainly in larger teams on several projects. With Labfolder, everyone can follow and track the progress of each project. The digital lab notebook makes it easy to interact with other co-workers and also to add new team members to a project.”

Dr. Emanuel Fleige

Dr. Sven Wichert
Molecular and Behavioral Neurobiology Ludwig Maximilians University

“Since we’ve been using Labfolder, it is much easier to keep track of joint research projects. It’s really easy to exchange data and work together with colleagues.

Ingo Przesdzing

Ingo Przesdzing
Histology Labmanager, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

How Labfolder’s focus on collaboration will improve your PhD research

icon labfolder tabletKnow what is happening in the lab. Each team member can add their experiments and results to a shared project, accessible worldwide. No longer question what is being done.

labfolder template iconCreate, share and reuse all your protocols inside your ELN. You can also share them with your colleagues and create a common repository for your laboratory.

labfolder search icon

Easily retrieve your N=1 and N=2 with our search and filter tools. Spend less time leafing through pages and just type into a search bar instead.

labfolder databese safe iconDiscuss your data where your data is, the lab notebook. No more emails, presentations and physically taking your lab book every time you need to show someone something.

labfolder tasks icon

Create, assign and follow up on the progression of tasks. Assure yourself that everything you need is done in time. No more upsets because your 10X buffer is not ready again.

labfolder patent icon

Unclutter your email from laboratory related topics. Take advantage of our Message tool to discuss common lab issues and always know what is going on in the lab.

The hardest problems in science can be solved through collaboration

Additional Labfolder benefits


Productivity is key for your PhD. With Labfolder you can spend more time at the bench instead of the desk. Your entire research is already digital, so make the same transition and migrate from the paper lab notebook to Labfolder’s ELN software.

Data Integrity

Over 600 papers are retracted every year due to data inconsistencies. By having all your projects in a digital format and with data from all your collaborators, you can reduce the risks of a retraction.

Organize your research

After a PhD, you will end with thousands of data points from dozens of different projects. If you start organizing your data today, you can avoid any stress in the future.

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