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Using a digital lab notebook has endless benefits for your work in the lab. When you are a lab manager, you are not only responsible for yourself, but also your entire team. Save time that can be better spent by digitising your workflows today.

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Working in a lab can already be quite hectic, let alone managing one. As a lab manager, you want to make sure the lab runs safely and efficiently so that everyone can succeed. You are responsible for boosting everyone’s productivity, including your own. But there is a thin line between being productive and simply being busy. You may often find yourself spending far too much time searching for protocols that a former member optimised, attempting to decipher messy handwriting, or struggling to keep efficient on-going communications. With so many tasks and so little time, how can you and your lab be more productive?


labfolder revolutionises the way you manage your lab and use your time. Our electronic lab notebook (ELN) allows you to access all projects and protocols quickly and easily. No more handwritten procedures—just more scientific reproducibility! labfolder was built by scientists, so we know communication is a core part of a successful lab management. Our lab notebook allows easy communication with all team members and making sure everyone stays up-to-date on all lab related issues, follows the same protocols, and receives important feedback. Multitask and remain efficient by improving organisation, controlling and communications.

What our scientists say about labfolder

“Since we’ve been using labfolder, it is much easier to keep track of joint research projects. It’s really easy to exchange data and work together with colleagues.”

Ingo Przesdzing

Ingo Przesdzing
Histology Labmanager, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

“labfolder helps us to optimize the quality of our documentation and therefore enhances scientific reproducibility. Our data is stored in one central database and is accessible for all members of our team. Overall, labfolder accelerates the workflow and facilitates collaboration across the lab.”

Dr. Emanuel Fleige

Dr. Emanuel Fleige
Head of Laboratory – Dendropharm

How labfolder makes lab management easier

icon labfolder tabletKeep all the work digital. There is no need to print off data that just ends up back in the computer. Save paper, convenience, and time by keeping all the data in your pocket.

labfolder template iconHave templates and protocols readily available within the platform. Everyone can access them when needed, ensuring that everyone sticks to laboratory procedures and standards.

labfolder search icon

Search and filter all the data within our ELN. Spend less time leafing through pages and just type into a search bar instead. Allowing you to keep an overview of the work progress.

labfolder databese safe iconBe secure in knowing that your team’s data is safe. Data is encrypted when up/downloaded. When using the labfolder cloud version, your data is stored in high security servers.

labfolder tasks icon

In labfolder you can create to do lists to stay on top of tasks. When you have lots of things to do it is easy to lose track. Since your to do list in-platform, everything is in one place.

labfolder patent icon

Using an electronic lab notebook makes compliance simple. Requirements for ISO standards and more are covered through the use of labfolder. Saving both time and paperwork.

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Additional labfolder benefits

Data Integrity

Ensuring that any work and experiments you yourself or your team are carrying out produce data with integrity. Digitization reduces the margin for error in copying out figures, and there is also an automated audit trail to keep track of every edit.

Communication tools

Communication tools within labfolder not only speed up the process of getting a message around to your team, but it also further fosters collaboration. This is collaboration between the scientists as well as between you and them.

Material Database

The material database helps you in data management, allowing you to keep track of all the supplies and equipment in the lab. Now you can easily edit supply levels as you are working since they are in the same platform as your data.

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