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Labfolder is an electronic lab notebook that enables students to record findings and keep a structural track of their progress whilst conducting experiments, either individually or in groups. Workflows in the classroom are easier to both teach and conduct with replicable templates, and a variety of collaboration tools allow greater teacher oversight and more proficient group work in a more streamlined platform.


Prepare your students for the future of research with Labfolder

Tailor the structure of Labfolder for however best suits your class. You can reflect the real format of your team as it already exists in the lab and restructure whenever you may need to.

Group IconKeep all the work digital. There is no need to print off data that just ends up back in the computer. Save both paper, convenience and time by keeping all the data in your pocket.

View your dataHave templates and protocols readily available within the platform. Every student can access them when needed, ensuring that everyone sticks to laboratory procedures and standards.

checkbox iconSearch and filter all the data within our ELN. Spend less time leafing through pages and just type into a search bar instead, allowing you to keep an overview of the work progress.

icon process dataHave an overview of all the projects your students are working on. You don’t need several notebooks to record all your collaborations because you can now have them in a single place.

In Labfolder you can create to do lists to stay on top of tasks. When you have lots of things to do it is easy to lose track. Since your to do list is in-platform, everything is in one place.

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Additional Information

“Labfolder allows us to keep a structural track on the students’ progress with better storylines and one continuous flow of information of a single experiment”

Jasper Koehorst, Professor at Wageningen University

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Learn how Labfolder may be used for the preparation, set-up, distribution, and conduct of practical laboratory practices.


Florian Hauer, CPO of Labforward

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