Biology ELN from labfolder

labfolder offers a web based biology ELN for biologists from various disciplines. From data entry to complex information management, the user-friendly biology lab notebook solution allows you to import and export file formats, plan experiments, use templates, and share reports with colleagues effortlessly.



More flexibility with the biology electronic lab notebook

labfolder is a flexible management tool for any biology discipline to easily capture, manage, and share scientific data. As a web-based ELN biology software, labfolder allows for easy access, complex data management, and effortless knowledge sharing – even on-the-go. Free mobile apps support biology research where it happens – at the bench, in the field or at a scientific conference.

The biology ELN provides a 21 CFR 11 and GxP compliant environment and free-form documents for scientific data entry: simply add data from text or image files and import notes, charts or graphs into a new entry. Work with customized templates, drag and drop files from various sources, clone entries, or save excerpts as PDF for external review. A powerful search engine helps you to find and filter all the scientific information you need – fast and easy!


Biology ELN with customized solutions

labfolder provides a flexible biology lab book that seamlessly integrates with various LIMS systems and laboratory instruments frequently used for biology research. Real-time integration and direct data transfer allow for automated processes that support a smooth workflow operation, minimize errors, and guarantee regulatory compliance. labfolder offers special editions available to fit the diverse needs of educators and students. Academic discounts are available. The biology ELN helps to save time and to simplify work procedures. Please contact us for further information.