A crowdfunding campaign to end chronic pain worldwide

Chronic Pain affects over 1.5 billion individuals in the world with most common treatment, opioids, being characterized by a long list of side effects that can include psychological addiction. Due to these dangerous effects, the World Health Organization (WHO) has established detailed pharmacological guidelines to treat chronic pain in both children and adults.

The development of a treatment that can act locally on the inflammation site, without having an effect on the brain and nervous system has been considered by many the holy grail in pain relief. Nevertheless, the billions of dollars spent on research have yet to provide a clinically approved treatment.

DermoPharm is a German company focused on the development of novel excipients and innovative therapies for severe and chronic diseases. Their team have developed a cutting edge nanocarrier technology and developed a novel method for nanocarrier synthesis that could have a revolutionary impact on the treatment of chronic pain.


Although more common, it is still unusual to see pharmaceutical companies take advantage of crowdfunding platforms to gather the necessary money to finance their research and innovation pipeline. DendroPharm is one them with the company currently seeking 150 000$ in funding at Indiegogo.


We sat down with the Managing Director of DermoPharm, Dr. Sam Moré, and discussed the “For a World with less pain” campaign.

  • What is the “For a World with less pain” campaign?
  • Why crowdfunding? What were DermoPharm’s expectations when using the Indiegogo platform?

We wanted people all over the world to be involved.

  • We imagine that the $150k is just the beginning. How can $150K speed up DendroPharm’s product development?
  • How vital is this crowdfunding step to DendroPharm? What are the next steps for the company?
  • What is the biggest advantage of DendroPharm product strategy when compared to other pharmacological options available in the market?
  • Studies suggest that chronic pain can affect between 10-20% of the population worldwide. When do you think that the first product from DendroPharm pipeline will reach the patients?
  • How can our readers help?

So don’t forget! Visit the “For a World with less pain” campaign page and contribute.



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