Treasure your tree!

The Christmas lights are up, the Michael Bublé album has added to the playlist and everyone’s simply having a wonderful Christmas time. Crowds flock the streets clutching scalding mugs of mulled wine, children stare up into Santa’s eyes, listing one present after another and couples walk hand in hand, unsure if they’re falling in love with each other or with the merriment that’s sweeping the city. But amidst the Christmas cheer, let’s just spare a moment here for the trees.

29 million Christmas trees were sold in Germany in 2011 alone and become the centre piece of the family home, decked with baubles and tinsel, perhaps a star balanced on top. But some trees don’t get this lucky. Some trees have to suffer a dreadful fate and become a lab notebook.

How can you help?

We all know that reams and reams of paper can’t be that good for the environment. The time, the effort, the energy… So why not go digital? You’re only a few taps away from easily shared, clearly organised data, all on one app. LabFolder’s digital lab notebook is fast, simple and effective.

Warning: you won’t have to carry heavy notebooks around anymore, so your perfectly toned biceps might be at risk.

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