Concept of labfolder among the winners of the Science4Life Venture Cup!

labfolder has been awarded to be among the top ten teams which participated in the concept phase of the Science4Life Venture Cup! During the award ceremony, Dr. Karl-Heinz Baringhaus of Sanofi and the hessian state secretary of economy Steffen Saebisch congratulated labfolder on the success of their concept. The award includes two days of intensive coaching and a prize of 1.000 Euros.

labfolder wins award at the Science4Life Venture Cup 2013

labfolder amongst the winners of the Science4Life Venture Cup 2013

What is the Science4Life Venture Cup?

Science4life is the biggest business plan contest in Germany with a focus on Life Sciences and Chemistry. At the Science4Life Venture Cup 2013, a total of 65 concepts from these disciplines were evaluated by 220 experts. Prizes were awarded to those teams who succeeded in embedding a highly innovative approach for improvements in healthcare, security and user friendliness in an economically sustainable concept.

The winners of the Science4Life Venture Cup 2013

Awarded concepts of the Science4Life Venture Cup 2013 included novel cancer therapies, concepts for optimizing the pharmaceutical development process and new measurement processes for the improvement of industrial processes. labfolder was the only software concept to be selected. For us, the nomination of labfolder clearly indicates that besides R&D focused start-up companies, innovations in scientific infrastructure become increasingly important. Winning the Science4Life Venture Cup 2013 also reflects the international trend of searching for new ways to process and communicate the ever-growing amount of scientific data. Merging Internet technology and academic research has become a recipe for quite a number of successful start-ups. Mendeley and ResearchGate being two well-known examples in a voluminous and rapidly growing market. With the support of Science4Life, labfolder wants to foster the progress of science 2.0.

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More Information about the Science4Life Venture Cup:

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