New labfolder office in Berlin Mitte

Looking at the map of Berlin, our first labfolder office was located at the far southwest in Lankwitz, a borough that even some Berliners hardly ever heard of. It’s “j-w-d”, as they would say  – “janz weit draußen”; that is Berlin dialect for “really far off”. For some of us, it took one hour on public transport to get there – and another hour to go back home in the evening.

Our new labfolder office is located in Berlin Mitte, just in the center of Berlin's start-up community

Our new labfolder office is located in Berlin Mitte, just in the center of Berlin’s start-up community

Former labfolder office in Lankwitz

In Lankwitz, our labfolder office was located in an old university building from the 70’s at the Freie Universität Berlin. Common topics when talking to visitors were the representative architecture and the charm of our yellowish, ingrained wallpaper. Nevertheless, it was a great bootstrapping time at our old labfolder office! The whole infrastructure was set up and ready to start a company, we shared the know-how and experiences of early founders with some really smart people from other startups, such as pijajo, Companisto & trinckle – and thanks to profund, the department for startup support at the Free University of Berlin, we didn’t have to pay any rent.

New labfolder office in Berlin Mitte

Now “J-W-D Lankwitz” is over, the first chapter in “The History of labfolder” is closed. Within two days, we moved the whole labfolder office to Berlin Mitte. Yes, “Mitte” translates to “Center”. And yes, this location is much fancier for a startup than Lankwitz. Our new office is located just a few meters from Silicon Alley, a nickname given to Torstraße by the startup community of Berlin. It’s just 500 meters from Rosenthaler Platz, the Hipster-centre of Berlin. Our new labfolder office is surrounded by even more startups and young, innovative, tech-driven and creative people. It doesn’t take more than 30 mins for any of us to come here. It’s a great reward for the long journeys we took every day to get to our old office location and back.

Startup wisdom from the labfolder office

What would a story on startup life be without some wisdom shared by the founders? Our experience told us that startup life is not about relaxing on the step you just took. In our case it’s not about sipping Café Latte at St. Oberholz all day. It’s about climbing the next step and we’re already on track. The company is growing, and we’re growing the team to fill the new labfolder office space – check our most recent job postings! We are also taking care of an infrastructure that is rapidly increasing in complexity, so there is simply no time to lean back and revel on previous achievements. As for some more exciting news, we will be releasing our labfolder mobile apps soon and we are working on a full website redesign. Stay tuned and if you are around Berlin Mitte, you are welcome to pay us a visit at our new labfolder office!

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