New features for labfolder

Once again our team has been working hard – and the results are exciting new features for labfolder! Many of our users told us that they would like to combine different content types in one entry as well as having a great flexibility when it comes to organizing data in their electronic lab notebook. Thanks to all your great suggestions and ideas, we now release our new entry layout, further accelerating your research experience! Based on all your valuable feedback, the new features for labfolder have a lot to offer: We implemented some extra management tools to our electronic lab notebook that allow you to combine several files formats in one entry, change the appearance of your entries by moving and resizing elements around.

Exciting new features for labfolder

Multi-element, easy layout and move & resize are the new features for labfolder!

Overview of the new features for labfolder

  • Multi element: You can now combine various elements in one entry, working with formats such as text, image and file side-by-side.
  • Easy layout: You can now effortless arrange and manage your files, using the new drag-n-drop function.
  • Move & resize: You can now easily move elements around and change their file size according to your needs.

More new features for labfolder to come!

Apart from the latest update to our electronic lab notebook, we continue to work on our vision to accelerate research and the process of data sharing. As a result, our users will eventually be able to create a research report in labfolder, all ready to be published in scientific journals. In the future, the lab notebook aims to further simplify data management, also making the sharing process of scientific data more effortless and efficient. At the moment we are working on some more sophisticated image annotation features. Stay tuned and watch out for more new features for labfolder to come… we appreciate your feedback!


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