labfolder’s new Helpdesk

Over the last months, we have been working on our website. All to make sure that you can find all the information you could wish for about labfolder. So far we have refreshed our blog page, created a new webinar booking system and developed a page for all our white papers.

We have now been working on a bigger project – our new Helpdesk. A database of questions and responses to answer all the questions that pop into your head instantly!

usinglabfolder1 usinglabfolder2

These answers are also accompanied by corresponding videos, blog posts or white papers so that you can find out all the details on a particular help topic.

Look for your specific question in the search bar or browse by category. You can look for specific information about using the labfolder platform like Dashboard & Apps, Data Import & Export, Entries & TemplatesProjects & Folders and Search & Filter, as well as how to collaborate with team members in the Group Management & Collaboration section. More generally, you can learn how to adjust your Account Settings and the Security & Compliance that labfolder provides.

Of course, if you have any suggestions for our helpdesk we want to hear them! Get in touch.


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