labfolder upgrade and new features

With the priority set on easy workflow and research management, we are proud to announce an upgrade to labfolder. As part of the labfolder upgrade process, we redesigned the overall layout of our website and our digital lab notebook. ‘Clean ‘n classy’, the new interface allows you to find what you need at one glance. All gadgets from the sidebar are now located at the top navbar, giving you more space for doing your research. Easy to use and more intuitive, you can now work even more efficient with our lab management tool.

The latest labfolder adds a brandnew design and better research tools to the digital lab notebook.

The latest labfolder upgrade improves workflow & management processes with the electronic lab notebook,

Apart from the new layout, the labfolder upgrade includes a bunch of new features that will further boost your research experience with labfolder. Focusing on easy organization and effective management, the new features simplify your research workflow to a great extend. For example, entries can now be labelled with a title, tags can be attached to categorize and find items more easily and To-do lists make sure you get all your tasks done on time. In detail, the new features of the labfolder upgrade are as followed:

Notebook View

The brand new Notebook View will be your standard view from now on. The latest labfolder upgrade allows you to see all your entries and group activities in a special ‘Research Chronology.’ Similar to a Facebook timeline all activities are neatly displayed for easy access and data management.


The clever filter-function allows you to filter views of your digital lab notebook by user, date or topic. Just check the box and find and work only with the entries you need. All in all the upgrade brings you new Filter-features that make it easier to structure your research data.


As part of the upgrade process, the new tagging function allows you to attach tags or keywords to your entries and templates. Tags help you to categorize, locate and organize your research files more efficiently. Finding files has never been that easy!

Custom dates

Add custom dates to complement the “created” and “updated” timestamps of your entries. After the upgrade, each entry now comes with an expanded custom date dropdown and date selection box. Simply attach and label dates to all your entries – your organization will benefit from this!

Entry titles

With the new Entry Title function you can now add headers to all your entries. We included titles in our labfolder upgrade to provide you and your colleagues with a better overview of files and projects. Titles will help you to save valuable research time looking for items and make sure that all your entries are well organized.

To-do lists

The new To-do lists work like your personal task manager. Create a list and add tasks – it’s as simple as that! Use this feature of our recent upgrade to structure individual tasks. Conduct experiments, order a reagent or calibrate a lab device – with the To-do lists you won’t forget important things!

What do you think about our latest upgrade and the new design? Are the new features helpful to your workflow? Share your impressions on the new labfolder upgrade! In order to further improve our digital lab notebook we appreciate your comments and suggestions. Feel free to submit your feedback using the Feedback Button or write us an email!

Did you know? This is already the 2nd labfolder upgrade and redesign this year. If you don’t remember how labfolder looked in the past, have a look at this article from February!

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