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Welcome to our labfolder blog! Here you’ll be able to get the latest news about our young startup company and our digital lab notebook labfolder, including exclusive behind the scenes snaps on start-up life, updates on new features, science breakthroughs and, of course, you’ll be able to submit your feedback.


The founding story of our startup

So who are we? We are three young entrepreneurs: two of us bio/med-scientists and one IT and programming specialist, all dedicated to support top-of-the-art research and open science. Working as researchers ourselves, we often encountered the limits of paper-based laboratory notebooks such as loose data collections, scattered notes and limited search facilities at the lab bench, all scenarios sometimes leaving us in great despair. After meeting and sharing ideas with our brilliant software engineer, we agreed on setting up a startup company to eliminate these obstacles often encountered by researchers: unorganized lab notebooks, difficulties in managing and sharing data. As a consequence, the idea of creating an electronic lab notebook – able to archive, organize and share data – was born.

What our start-up can do for you

As a viable alternative to traditional paper-based laboratory notebooks, our labfolder software aims to simplify laboratory work for researchers. Coming from a scientific background ourselves and knowing the everyday struggles of science professionals, we designed labfolder from scientists for scientists. Our labfolder startup aims to connect expertise and experience in laboratory research with a young, innovative, solid IT, presenting research 2.0. As a result, our digital lab notebook allows scientists:

  • to document and organize their research data,
  • to store and manage all research documents in one place,
  • to keep track of changes using dull audit trail,
  • to share data digitally – fast & easy,
  • to plan their experiments and keep step-by-step instructions,
  • to collaborate with colleagues and work together with other scientists on a global scale,
  • to make research data easily compliant to research regulations such as the guidelines of Good Scientific Practice (GxP).

In addition to all these features mentioned above, labfolder shows an intuitive user interface that resembles an ordinary page in a traditional paper-based lab notebook.  Therefore everyone can easily switch to our digital lab notebook. And don’t worry – labfolder keeps your data absolutely safe, using redundant storage, daily backups and encrypted communication for maximum intellectual property protection. In the future, we also aim to offer labfolder mobile apps, so that you can turn any mobile device – iphone, smartphone, tablet – into a digital lab notebook and access your data from everywhere.

The goals of our startup company

At labfolder we aim to create a digital lab notebook that can be used as laboratory management software and collaboration platform for laboratory research. A further goal of our startup labfolder is to accelerate research through digital documentation and expert lab know-how, assisting individual scientists and larger research groups to fully concentrate on their core competence: To achieve scientific breakthroughs on the laboratory bench, to create innovations and further push technological progress – as fast and efficient as possible.

Watch our start-up come to life!

As labfolder users we invite you to come with us on a journey – and witness our turmoils and triumphs as a young startup company. Our labfolder blog will serve as a platform to inform you about the latest news from our start-up company and to submit your feedback about our electronic lab notebook. You can sign-up here to be notified on new blog posts and also submit your guest post by email to

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