The winning labfolder business plan

Starting a business is tough, especially for small start-up companies. Apart from having a smart business idea in mind, one of the many things you have to prepare is a business plan. This plan maps out in great detail, how your business is going to achieve its goals, also including all relevant marketing, financial and operational aspects of starting a company. Although it is rarely possible to strictly follow this plan, it will help to structure the idea, get to better know the market, customers and competitors and define important goals. Designing a businessplan is an iterative progress in which expert´s advice can be very helpful. One way to get this help is to participate in business plan contests.

labfolder has been presenting a successful business plan at the Business-Plan Wettbewerb Berlin-Brandenburg.

At the Business-Plan Wettbewerb (from left to right): Henner Bunde – state secretary in the senate department for economics, research and technology as BPW patron with Mathias, Simon and Florian of labfolder at the BPW award ceremony in Berlin.

Business plan contests for start-ups

Most businessplan contests like science4life, b-p-w and start2grow accompany a start-up through different phases of the business plan development: idea, concept and a finalized plan. Fortunately we have been using this offer and participated in the early phases of science4life and start2grow. The feedback, advice and coaching we have received has helped us enormously to improve our business model, structure our ideas and communicate the disruptive potential of labfolder.

 The labfolder team at the S4L Business plan award ceremony in Frankfurt/Main.

The Science4Life patrons Prof. Dr. Jochen Maas – CEO at Sanofi Germany (left) and Florian Rentsch – Minister for Economics in Hessia, Germany (right) with Johanna from the labfolder team at the S4L Business plan award ceremony in Frankfurt/Main.

A successful labfolder business plan

After all, our labfolder business plan has been successful during the final rounds of various businessplan competitions:

Not only did we take home some prize money, awards and pretty certificates, most importantly, we received invaluable support in refining our labfolder business plan, the possibility to become part of a vivid exchange network of young start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs and the fun of meeting many interesting people! We would like to express our gratitude to all the organizers of business plan competitions for providing labfolder with valuable support and advice!

Author: Johanna Havemann


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